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Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

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Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad has emerged as a major hub for commercial reverse osmosis (RO) plant manufacturing in India. The city is home to dozens of companies that design, engineer and manufacture advanced water purification systems for commercial and industrial needs. One of the leading players in this domain is Netsol Water, the commercial RO plant manufacturer and supplier in Ghaziabad.

About Netsol Water

Netsol Water is a renowned manufacturer of technologically advanced and efficient commercial RO plants based out of Ghaziabad. The company’s commercial RO plant manufacturing unit is a dedicated facility that comes under Netsol Water’s operations.

Netsol Water offers a diverse range of RO systems, like water vending machines, bottling plants, pharmaceutical-grade purified water plants, commercial kitchen RO plants, laboratory water purification plants, hospital RO plants, and school and college RO plants, among many others.

The company employs innovative technologies and utilizes high-end components to deliver efficient and reliable RO plants. All the systems are designed with the client’s specific water purification needs in mind. Each plant is custom-built and undergoes rigorous quality checks before installation.

Netsol Water’s Offerings

Netsol Water has a vast range of commercial RO plants on offer to choose from. Here are some of their popular product lines:

1- Water Vending Machines: These unattended water vending systems can deliver safe, purified water 24×7. The stainless-steel body makes the machine sturdy, and the user-friendly interface allows hassle-free dispensing of water. These machines are ideal for public places like metro stations, hotels, schools, etc.

2- Bottling Plants: Netsol Water provides fully automatic bottling plants for mineral water that follow high hygiene standards. These plants have features like automated bottle washing, RO filtration, ultraviolet disinfection, ozone treatment and Six-Sigma compliant filling to ensure contamination-free bottled water. The production capacity ranges from 500 to 20,000 liters per hour.

3- Pharma-Grade Purified Water: For pharmaceutical production units, Netsol Water offers multiple effect distillation plants and RO-based purification systems to produce water as per pharmacopeia standards. These plants ensure microbial-free, mineral-free water for use in formulations.

4- Commercial Kitchen RO Plants: For restaurants and food outlets, Netsol Water provides compact under-counter and tabletop RO plants. These systems deliver purified water for cooking and drinking while removing all impurities.

5- Hospital RO Plants: For healthcare facilities, the company offers a range of commercial RO plants with dual purification for dialysis as well as drinking purposes. The RO feed water undergoes ultrafiltration, softening, disinfection and filtration to achieve medical-grade purity.

Netsol Water’s Capabilities

Netsol Water has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Ghaziabad that is equipped with advanced machinery operated by qualified engineers. The facility has separate manufacturing lines for different components like water tanks, RO skids, control panels, filtration units etc. Strict quality control protocols are followed at each step of production.

The R&D team at Netsol Water continuously innovates to enhance their RO technology and comes up with solutions to meet new requirements. The company also offers customized plants as per the site conditions and water parameters.

For after-sales support, Netsol Water has service centers across India. Multi-level preventive maintenance packages are offered to clients to ensure the smooth running of the RO plants. Timely supply of spare parts and prompt service support are provided by the company.

Key Reasons for Netsol Water’s Success

Some of the key factors behind Netsol Water’s success are:

1- High-quality components like membranes, pumps and pretreatment filtration units are sourced from renowned brands to build robust systems.

2- Adherence to established standards and best practices in every stage—design, assembly and installation.

3- Leveraging experience and expertise gathered over 1500+ installations to deliver optimal solutions.

4- Continuous upgrade of technology by innovations and adding new-age features.

5- Strong R&D investments to keep improving the efficiency and effectiveness of RO purification.

6- Providing customized systems based on individual site requirements.

7- Meticulous after-sales service through company-operated service centers.

8- Timely maintenance and prompt problem resolution ensure maximum uptime.


Netsol Water has established itself as one of the most reliable commercial RO plant manufacturer in Ghaziabad. The company offers technologically advanced and efficient water purification solutions catering to diverse industrial and commercial applications. With its customer-focused approach, stringent quality management and after-sales service, Netsol Water delivers robust and durable RO systems that provide quality purified water for years. As Ghaziabad strengthens its position as a production hub, companies like Netsol Water will continue to play a vital role in supporting commercial growth through innovative manufacturing.

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