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What are the potential drawbacks of using RO water?

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What are the potential drawbacks of using RO water?

“Commercial RO plant manufacturer” We are all aware of how critical clean water is right now. Because if there is impurity in the water, it cannot be used. Commercial RO plant manufacturer This is the precise situation when reverse osmosis is useful. In order to produce pure and clean water, reverse osmosis helps to extract the particles from the tainted water. Commercial RO plant manufacturer One sort of crucial desalination procedure is reverse osmosis.

In this blog, we will go over the potential drawbacks of using RO water. Let’s start learning

Reverse osmosis:

It is a membrane that permits some atoms or molecules to pass but not water pollutants such salts, bacteria, suspended particles, and organics.

Along with the RO membrane, it also has a sediment filter and a carbon filter. Water flows through a postfilter to polish it before it reaches a special faucet after leaving the membrane.

Disadvantages of RO:

RO has various drawbacks even though it is thought to be the most effective water purification technology:

  • Reject Wasteful use of water.
  • More expense.
  • Eliminates all minerals, good or harmful.
  • More challenging installation.

Water is wasted a lot during reverse osmosis:

There will be waste or rejected water due to the level of filtration achieved by RO, however this rejected water is relatively minimal in comparison to what we use for flushing and washing. Therefore, using a water filter at home does not result in greater water waste than using a water refill station.

With the advancements made by Netsol Water Solutions, the RO process now has a minimum recovery of 30%, which is a 20% improvement over traditional RO. Our most recent model, already recovers 66% of the water, nevertheless. This implies that you receive 2 glasses of filtered water for every glass of water that is rejected. This is a more than 100% improvement over traditional RO. So, one way to look at this is that you will really be conserving more water if you use our RO instead of obtaining water delivery!

More expense:

RO is regarded as being more expensive than a number of other water technologies, with prices starting at roughly 20k and going up. However, the majority of high-quality water refilling stations employ the same technique to provide cleaned water. Compared to distilling water, it uses a lot less energy and money to produce pure water. Water from your own RO is far cheaper than the price of bottled water or branded water supplies.

So, while RO is still more expensive than other filters, you really pay significantly less for better water quality. However, RO always produces waste water. The easiest approach to prevent it from going to waste is to gather it for other use, like flushing or gardening.

More challenging installation:

RO purifiers are not single-stage devices. Other purification processes that come before and after the RO assist to purify water and lengthen the life of the RO membrane.

RO purifiers are typically more difficult to install and maintain because to their sophistication. Additionally, Netsol purifiers alert you when the filter life is less than 10% remaining and stop working when it reaches 0%.

Eliminates all minerals, good or harmful:

Reverse osmosis systems are excellent at eliminating water contaminants, but one of its biggest drawbacks is that they also remove 92–99% of the water’s essential minerals, such calcium and magnesium, much like distilled water. The price of filtered water is actual.

The study found that drinking water low in calcium or magnesium might have deadly health effects including cardiac issues.

So as long as you don’t have a serious mineral deficiency, RO water is safe and beneficial. Drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising frequently are all important components of living a healthy, happy life.


The current gold standard for drinking and process water purification is RO.Therefore, it’s critical to handle these drawbacks appropriately. Although RO is not flawless, it is the most dependable water filtration system we have. For clean drinking water, hundreds of millions of people rely on this technology.

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