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Are there any drawbacks to using a commercial RO plant?

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Are there any drawbacks to using a commercial RO plant?

Commercial RO plant manufacturers one of the most intriguing and advanced types of water filtration technologies, is the use of Commercial RO plant system. As an illustration, numerous nations use a Commercial RO plant system to desalinate seawater.

Currently, 44% of desalination facilities that are in operation, supply water to regions in the Middle East or North Africa.

However, there are few drawbacks of a Commercial RO plant system as well.

Drawbacks to using a Commercial RO plant

In actuality, several home RO systems only salvage 5% to 15% of the water they purify.

1: There is a slight decrease in pressure

  • Although, the Commercial RO plant manufacturers offers a dependable flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute, many users of alternative reverse osmosis filters report a very observable pressure reduction, in their water flow rate.
  • Additionally, for every gallon of filtered water produced during the purification process, up to 20 gal of water are flushed down the drain.

2: Acidic PH

  • The fact that a Commercial RO plant for household usage removes the majority of the minerals from the water, resulting in an acidic pH, is one of its main disadvantages.

3: Time consuming

  • When compared to a whole-house water filtration system, a Commercial RO plant has the additional drawback of taking too long to filter water.
  • The time it takes a Commercial RO system to filter roughly 3 gallons of water can range from 2 to 4 hours, thus, it would take the entire day to filter enough water to supply the entire house.

4: Expensive

  • A whole-unit household setup of Commercial RO plant can cost thousands of rupees, not counting installation. Although, the high cost expedites the water filtration process, there is also a substantial amount of water wasted.

5: It does not destroy pathogens

  • Waterborne disease-causing pathogens such as bacteria and viruses are not eliminated, by a Commercial RO plant system. Microorganisms have a significant likelihood of passing through RO membranes.


Therefore, it’s critical to address these drawbacks appropriately. Although, a Commercial RO plant is not flawless, it is the most dependable water filtration system we have. For safe drinking water, hundreds of millions of people rely on this technology.

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