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Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Delhi

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Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Delhi

With India’s capital city, Delhi, facing immense pressures from rapid urbanization and population growth, having robust and efficient sewage treatment plants in place is critical. Generating nearly 3 billion liters per day of sewage, the Delhi Jal Board and private manufacturers are working relentlessly to install advanced Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) across the city. As a renowned sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Delhi, Netsol Water is pivotal in helping Delhi achieve its sewage treatment objectives.

About Netsol Water:

Netsol Water has swiftly grown into an industry-leading company specializing in end-to-end sustainable water and wastewater treatment solutions. With headquarters in Greater Noida, a unit under Netsol Water known as a top rated sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Delhi and Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer has expertise in designing, manufacturing, installing, and operating technologically advanced Sewage Treatment Plants ideally suited for Indian conditions.

Led by a core team comprising engineers, technical experts, and industry veterans with over 20 years of experience, Netsol has successfully executed over 500 water and wastewater treatment projects across India. Their technologically superior STPs utilize innovative technologies like the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR), and Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR). They are completely customized to handle all types of sewage waste.

Netsol Water’s STP plant Manufacturing Infrastructure Netsol Water is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure spread across two manufacturing facilities in Delhi/NCR for producing high-quality STPs up to 20 MLD capacity. Designed for maximum efficiency and minimum turnaround times, their facilities boast of:

  • Advanced machinery, including CNC machines, welding robots, and plasma cutting machines, was imported from Germany and Italy
  • NABL-accredited lab for material and product testing as per international quality standards
  • latest design software for innovative STP engineering and 3D modeling
  • Lean manufacturing practices for optimal plant layouts and process flows

This world-class infrastructure allows Netsol to deliver cost-effective STP solutions on short execution timelines without quality compromises.

Innovative STP Solutions for Delhi:

With Delhi generating nearly 2000 MLD of sewage daily, regular maintenance and upgrades of STPs are essential for round-the-clock treatment. Netsol Water offers innovative STP models like:

  • Containerized STPs: Prefabricated plug-and-play units with capacities of 50 KLD to 500 KLD, ideal for areas with space constraints
  • Domestic STPs: Specially designed for housing societies and colonies with 100–1000 occupants
  • Mobile STPs: Quick deployment for temporary sewage treatment at public events or construction sites

Their STPs utilize a modular design, allowing easy expansion of treatment capacity in the future. All plants come integrated with PLC-based automation for minimal manual supervision and features like remote monitoring, online sensors, and analyzers.

Value Added Services: Along with manufacturing high-standard STPs, Netsol Water performs installation, commissioning, operations, and maintenance through annual maintenance contracts post-installation. Their team oversees day-to-day O&M activities like periodic maintenance checks, fine-tuning treatment processes, managing plant consumable inventory, and required upgrades to enhance equipment lifespan.

With in-house multi-disciplinary teams, Netsol offers complete end-to-end STP services, from manufacturing to O&M, tailored to handle all capacities and types of sewage waste.

Key STP Projects: Executed in Delhi Netsol Water has successfully executed over 100 sewage and effluent treatment projects across Delhi.

With proven experience and technological expertise, Netsol Water has become a trusted STP partner for the Delhi Jal Board, Municipal Authorities, private entities, and industries in the capital city.


As Delhi approaches its vision of being a world-class sustainable city, having an energy-efficient and technologically advanced sewage treatment plant developed by manufacturers like Netsol Water plays an instrumental role. By supplying innovative STP solutions tailored for the Delhi terrain while ensuring minimal maintenance costs and maximum reuse of treated effluents, Netsol Water has cemented its reputation as a top sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Delhi, contributing to Delhi’s water security and self-sufficiency objectives.

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