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Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

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Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

With rapid urbanization and population growth, cities like Ghaziabad face massive challenges in managing sewage outputs from residential complexes, commercial buildings and industrial units. Having robust decentralized sewage treatment plants is crucial before sanctioning new construction projects to protect local water bodies and environments. We examine Netsol Water, a pioneering STP plant manufacturer in Ghaziabad that has provided specialized decentralized sewage treatment plants for the past decade.

Offering Overview

Netsol Water provides complete end-to-end solutions encompassing the planning, design, equipment supply, installation, and maintenance of compact decentralized sewage treatment plants based on advanced biological treatment technologies. Their offerings cater to residential complexes, commercial malls, hotels, hospitals, and institutional campuses needing captive sewage treatment capacity between 1 KLD to 3000 KLD.

Treatment Process Expertise

1- Activated Sludge Process

2- Sequential Batch Reactor

3- Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor

4- Membrane Bio-Reactor

5- Media & Tertiary Filtration

6- Disinfection Technologies

Netsol Water leverages combinations of the above process configurations tailored to each project’s influent characteristics, site constraints, discharge norms adherence, and treated sewage reuse requirements. Their in-house process engineering team brings two decades of application expertise, delivering customized decentralized STP plants using conventional and next-gen technologies.

Design & Delivery Models

Netsol Water provides clients with complete decentralized STP equipment supply, installation and commissioning using various modular design models:

1- Conventional RCC tank-based construction

2- Prefabricated bolted steel tanks

3- Shipping container-mounted plug-n-Play STP modules

The prefabricated and containerized equipment minimizes project execution timelines by avoiding prolonged onsite tank civil work. Being factory-manufactured and pre-tested, these STPs get commissioned faster with better quality assurance.

For land-space-constrained sites, Netsol Water offers dual MBR STPs combining aerobic and anaerobic treatment trains in a single compact plant. Their in-house capabilities enable them to tackle challenging project constraints effectively.

Installations & Clients

With over 500 STP plant installations delivered to date, Netsol Water commands enormous field experience. Most real estate manufacturers across Ghaziabad and the NCR regions have partnered with Netsol Water for their projects.

For discerning customers, Netsol Water provides operational transparency through online portal access for real-time plant data. Cloud-based automation platforms and remote analytics strengthen lifecycle equipment performance.

Support Infrastructure

  • The pan-India supply chain ensures timely equipment availability
  • In-house design & engineering team
  • Manufacturing infrastructure across 20,000 sq. ft.
  • Installation team with proven construction management capabilities
  • Commissioning and trial run expertise verifying treatment efficiency
  • Operations team for post-sales support through AMCs

Netsol Water’s comprehensive in-house infrastructure enables fully integrated project implementation. Relying minimally on third-party dependency allows consistent delivery benchmarks.

Future Outlook

Having established solid credentials within the NCR, Netsol Water now focuses on widening market access across other metro cities like Mumbai, where high-rise constructions require decentralized STPs. They also plan O&M services for STP lifecycle equipment upkeep, allowing customers to concentrate on core business operations without plant maintenance headaches. Through innovative plug-and-play modular designs, remote performance analytics, and strengthened value-added services, Netsol Water is gearing up for the next growth phase as a dependent decentralized sewage treatment partner.


Netsol Water’s founding team identified the decentralized sewage treatment opportunity twenty years ago. Since then, through specialized application engineering expertise and customer-centric project execution, they have grown to become the leading sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Ghaziabad, catering to critical real estate and commercial establishments. As greater environmental consciousness and compliance norms expand the addressable market manifold, Netsol, by being an industry pioneer, has positioned itself strongly to capitalize on future growth drivers.

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