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Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Gurugram

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Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Gurugram

Gurugram has seen rapid industrialization and urbanization over the past two decades, leading to increased sewage generation. Proper sewage treatment is crucial to protecting public health and the environment. Sewage contains disease-causing pathogens, organic matter, toxic chemicals, and nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. Untreated sewage discharge leads to the contamination of water resources, the spread of infectious diseases, and eutrophication. Reliable and efficient sewage treatment plants (STPs) are required to address Gurugram’s sewage treatment needs. STP plant manufacturers in Gurugram design, build, and maintain various small- to large-capacity plants using technologies like the activated sludge process, trickling filter, and sequencing batch reactor (SBR). An overview of the leading sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Gurugram.

STP Plant Manufacturers in Gurugram

Netsol Water

Netsol Water Group, including its unit Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer, is a leading STP plant manufacturer based in Greater Noida. With over 10 years of experience in water and wastewater treatment, Netsol Water caters to municipal and industrial clients across India.

Their portfolio includes conventional STPs, containerized plug-and-play systems, tertiary treatment solutions, and sewage recycling plants in capacities ranging from 100 KLD to 100 MLD. Netsol Water employs cutting-edge technologies like MBBR, SBR, MBR, and disinfection systems using UV, chlorine, and ozone.

Key highlights of Netsol’s Sewage Treatment Plant manufacturing capabilities:

1. Design and build conventional STPs and containerized plug-and-play systems

2. Undertake turnkey STP projects on an EPC/HAM basis 

3. Employ energy-efficient treatment processes

4. Focus on total sludge/odor management

5. Offer operation and maintenance services post-installation

Netsol Water stands out for its technical expertise, modern manufacturing infrastructure, strong execution capabilities, and customer-centric approach.

Treatment Processes Used by STP Plant Manufacturers

STP plant manufacturers in Gurugram use both conventional and advanced technologies for sewage treatment, aimed at meeting the prescribed discharge standards.

Common treatment methods include: 

1. Preliminary treatment: screening, grit removal, oil & grease removal

2. Primary Sedimentation Tanks: Settling of suspended solids

3. Secondary Biological Treatment: aerobic processes like activated sludge process, SBR, MBBR, etc. Anaerobic processes like UASB for high-strength industrial wastewater

4. Secondary Clarification: Separation of treated effluent from biological sludge

5. Tertiary Treatment: Filtration, activated carbon adsorption, and disinfection using chlorine, UV radiation or ozone  

Many manufacturers, including Netsol Water, also provide modular sewage treatment solutions using cutting-edge technologies like MBR, which take up less space and provide superior treated water quality.

Services Offered by Netsol Water

Along with manufacturing treatment equipment and modules, leading sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Gurugram provide multiple services, including:

1. Site visits, surveys, and detailed project reports

2. Technology selection based on influential characteristics and client preferences

3. Process design, hydraulic calculations, and 3D plant layouts 

4. Procurement and supply of treatment modules and equipment

5. Installation, testing, and commissioning of the STP Plant

6. Trial runs, operator training, and support during initial operations

7. Annual maintenance contracts and operation & maintenance services

Netsol Water also offers advanced solutions like automation (SCADA), remote monitoring, online effluent quality analysis, chemical coagulant dosing, and sludge management systems as part of their offerings.

What to Look for When Selecting a Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer?

With public health & environmental compliance on the line, clients must evaluate STP plant manufacturers on various parameters: 

1. Relevant experience and proven track record

2. Technically qualified design and project execution teams 

3. Sound financial strength and stability in operations

4. Quality certifications like ISO 9001

5. Flexibility in system sizes offered and customization possible 

6. Techno-economically optimized treatment processes proposed

7. Warranties and post-installation assurances provided

8. Comprehensiveness of Operation & Maintenance contracts

9. Responsive after-sales service and availability of spares

10. Understanding of local regulatory requirements and liaising skills

Checking client references, plant inspection tours, and in-depth technical discussions go a long way in filtering credible STP plant manufacturers.

Financial Models for Installing an STP Plant

STP Plant is a significant capital investment, but various funding models facilitate institutions and infrastructure developers in Gurugram to install these projects: 

1. Self-funded by industrial units, residential societies, commercial buildings, etc from internal accruals 

2. Bank Loans – Available from leading banks; ideal for larger capacity STPs (>Rs 50 Lakhs); collateral and paperwork required.

3. NBFC Loans – Offered by water & wastewater-focused NBFCs like PNB infrafinance, promoters can get loans without collateral.

4. ESCO Model – Ensures zero upfront costs; the client pays a monthly fee to the STP owner/developer over 5-10 years; ownership gets transferred after the contract period.

5. Hybrid Annuity Model: a Mix of 40% client funding and +60% by EPC contractor through debt and equity; annual payments to the contractor for 15 years.

6. One-time Capital Grant – Part funding by state pollution control boards, especially for Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs).

For containerized plug-and-play systems, renting/wet leasing models are also gaining traction, wherein periodic equipment rental fees have to be paid.


As Gurugram progresses to becoming a world-class city, regular augmentation of its sewage treatment infrastructure by reputed manufacturers using cost-effective decentralized technologies is the need of the hour. Netsol Water stands ready to partner in this journey with advanced technologies, adapted for Indian conditions, and backed by professional project delivery support. Together, we can build a cleaner and greener Gurugram!

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