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Top 10 Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Manesar

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<strong>Top 10 Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Manesar</strong>

Manesar, located in Haryana’s Gurugram district, is a major industrial hub. It is home to several automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other manufacturing units. With rapid industrialisation, the need for proper treatment of industrial effluents has become paramount to prevent water pollution and comply with environmental norms. Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) are crucial for treating trade effluents before discharge or reuse.

Many ETP manufacturers operate in Manesar and offer advanced solutions to industries.

Here are the top 10 Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Manesar:

1. Netsol water

Paramount is a leading ETP solution provider with over 2 decades of experience. Their turnkey ETP systems use cutting-edge technologies like membrane bioreactors, reverse osmosis, and more. Netsol Water has installed ETPs across diverse industry sectors in Manesar. Netsol Water’s solutions are developed with the core principles of sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental protection. Its treatment systems are designed for minimal power consumption, while its wastewater recycling and ZLD solutions promote water conservation.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

What differentiates Netsol Water is its comprehensive range of services spanning the entire lifecycle of water projects:

  • Detailed water/wastewater analysis and audits
  • System design, engineering and delivery
  • Installation, testing and commissioning
  • Operator training and handholding support
  • 24×7 remote monitoring and operations advisory
  • Annual maintenance and spare supply contracts
  • Rebuild/retrofit/augmentation of existing plants

2. Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd.

Triveni offers comprehensive ETP solutions from design to installation and O&M. They specialize in zero liquid discharge systems with capabilities to treat complex effluents using an array of physical, chemical and biological processes. Several automotive units have awarded Triveni large ETP projects in Manesar.

3. Emerald Production Meters

Emerald is known for its compact, pre-engineered plug-and-play ETP units, which are ideal for SMEs. Their MBBR and SBR based Effluent Renovation Systems employ energy-efficient processes to treat textile, pharmaceutical, electroplating and other industrial effluents cost-effectively. 

4. Prromac Engineers Pvt. Ltd

Backed by decades of experience, Prromac provides turnkey engineered ETP solutions to automotive, pharma, textile and food processing units in Manesar. Their expertise includes advanced oxidation, Ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis and other treatment technologies.

5. Jord Engineers India Ltd.

Jord has a strong foothold in Manesar with their containerized packaged and custom-designed ETP systems. They specialize in physical, chemical and biological treatment modules, enabling industries to meet zero liquid discharge norms.

6. Watermart India Pvt. Ltd.

Watermart is known for their energy-efficient MBBR and tertiary treatment solutions for effluent reuse in Manesar. Their ETP offerings include compact pre-engineered units as well as large-scale customized plants for industrial campuses.

7. Aquabio Enviro Engineers

This Gurugram-based company provides end-to-end ETP solutions covering all stages from equalization to tertiary treatment and sludge management. They have installed several ETPs for automotive, pharma and dye units in Manesar.

8. Oorja Biolabs Ltd.

Oorja specializes in biological ETP systems using MBBR, SBR and their proprietary biofilter technology. Their cost-effective ETPs find applications across several manufacturing sectors in Manesar.

9. Nivetus Eco Mind

With a focus on sustainability, Nivetus offers ETP solutions using green technologies like biosorption, phytoremediation etc. Their innovative ETPs cater to water-intensive industries in Manesar. 

10. Waterman

Rounding up the top 10 in the list of top 10 effluent treatment plant manufacturers in Manesar is Waterman, a renowned EPC company providing turnkey ETP solutions in Manesar. Their technical capabilities include membrane technologies and advanced oxidation and recycling systems.


With increasing environmental obligations and the goal of water sustainability, industries in Manesar are actively investing in advanced ETP solutions. The above manufacturers, known for their technical ability and expertise, are enabling industrial units to effectively treat their effluent streams while facilitating water reuse and zero liquid discharge.

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