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Top 10 industrial RO Plant Manufacturers in Delhi

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Top 10 industrial RO Plant Manufacturers in Delhi

In the last few decades, Delhi and the surrounding NCR region have experienced rapid industrial growth, resulting in the area becoming an important manufacturing hub in North India. This has created a high demand for industrial water treatment solutions, including reverse osmosis (RO) plants, to meet the various process water requirements of different sectors. There are numerous companies in Delhi that specialize in designing, fabricating, and supplying industrial RO plants. below are the top 10 industrial RO plant manufacturers in Delhi

List of the top 10 industrial RO plant manufacturers in Delhi

1. Netsol Water

Netsol Water is a highly respected name in the field of industrial water treatment, topping our list of recommended companies. With many years of experience and numerous successful plant installations, Netsol Water has emerged as the leading industrial RO plant manufacturer in Delhi.

The comprehensive range of solutions encompasses RO systems from 1000 LPH to over 1000 m3/hr capacity, catering to diverse requirements across industries like automotive, pharmaceuticals, breweries, power plants, and more. Netsol Water has a great reputation among manufacturers in the region. This is due to their advanced RO plant designs, value engineering approach, and strict quality adherence. The focus on quality has helped Netsol Water become one of the most reliable companies in the industry.

2. Ion Exchange

Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. is a well-recognized Delhi-based company providing industrial water and wastewater treatment solutions including RO plants. Their product portfolio spans RO systems from 500 LPH all the way up to 3000 m3/day capacities. With over five decades of market presence, Ion Exchange has established itself as a trusted name for its RO plant supplies to sectors like energy, chemicals, food & beverages and several others.

3. Thermax

Thermax Limited is a Pune-headquartered company with one of its key manufacturing facilities located in Delhi. A leading energy and environment solutions provider, Thermax offers industrial RO desalination plants from 20 m3/day to 27,000 m3/day capacities. Their RO systems find applications in power, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals and other segments. Thermax’s facility in Delhi serves as a hub for delivering their RO solutions across North India.

4. Doshi Ion Exchange

Doshi Ion Exchange & Chemical Pvt. Ltd is another prominent industrial RO plant manufacturer headquartered in Delhi. The company specializes in RO/NF/UF systems from brackish/surface/waste water sources in the range of 1 m3/hr to 2000 m3/day output capacities. 

Their RO plants are widely utilized by industry majors in pharmaceuticals, textiles, automobile, power generation and other manufacturing sectors.

5. Aquachem RO Systems

Based out of Delhi, Aquachem RO Systems Pvt Ltd has gained a good reputation by providing RO/UF/NF/EDI turnkey solutions for process water needs. The company is noted for its industrial RO plants in the 1000 LPH to 500 m3/day range which find applications in industries like chemicals, textiles, food & beverage etc.

6. Ultra Tec Water Treatment

An ISO-certified company founded in 1998, Ultra Tec specializes in the design, engineering, manufacture and supply of industrial RO systems from 1 m3/hr up to 250 m3/hr capacity from its facility in Delhi. They serve leading industrial clients across the Delhi-NCR belt.

7. SPRAY Engineering Devices

SPRAY Engineering Devices Limited is recognized as an established EPC solutions provider for industrial water/wastewater/ZLD systems. Their product basket includes reverse osmosis units up to 300 m3/hr capacities, catering to process water demands from varied industry segments around Delhi.

8. Uttam Value Steels

Uttam Value Steels is a Delhi-based manufacturer known for its offerings encompassing complete turnkey solutions for industrial ETP/STP/ZLD/RO systems under one roof. They design and supply RO plants in the range of 1 m3/hr to 500 m3/hr capacities.

9. Bright Plant Crafting

With decades of industry experience, Bright Plant Crafting is among the prominent RO plant manufacturers located in Delhi. Their product line includes reverse osmosis systems from 5000 LPH all the way up to 500 m3/hr capacities tailored for different process industries.

10. Shayona Water Technologies

Rounding up our list is Shayona Water Technologies, a Delhi-based industrial RO plant provider in business since 2004. The company offers industry-grade RO plants in the capacity range of 1 m3/hr to 100 m3/hr, primarily serving the pharmaceutical, automobile and other allied sectors.


The manufacturers of industrial reverse osmosis (RO) plants mentioned above have gained extensive expertise and experience in providing process water solutions to industries in Delhi-NCR. As a result, Netsol Water has become a leader in this particular field. For companies seeking to implement efficient and optimised RO-based water treatment solutions, this list serves as a guide to explore the top options available in the region.

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