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Top 10 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Gurugram

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Top 10 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Gurugram

Gurugram, the vibrant corporate hub of India, has seen tremendous growth across the commercial, residential, and industrial sectors over the past decade. This has resulted in vast volumes of sewage generation estimated at 550 MLD, necessitating significant investments in Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs). Alongside government bodies that are the primary owners of STPs, the role of technology providers and EPC companies in building treatment infrastructure is pivotal. The top 10 sewage treatment plant manufacturers in Gurugram have sound technical competence, modern fabrication facilities, and proven expertise in conventional decentralized sewage treatment systems.

Top 10 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Gurugram

  1. Netsol Water: Netsol Water is Gurugram’s leading provider of decentralized sewage treatment technology and EPC solutions. With over 500 installations spanning 25 states over 10 years, Netsol Water caters to real estate developers, township projects, PSUs, and industries through plug-and-play containerized STPs from 5 KLD to 1000 KLD capacity, besides conventional plants up to 100 MLD.

Key Differentiators:

  • In-house manufacturing using the latest technologies
  • Compact footprint solutions like MBBR, MBR, and IFAS
  • Tertiary treatment systems for total recycling
  • Single point responsibility for modular plant integration
  • Performance-linked O&M models
  1. Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers, a global water technology multinational, dominates India’s water treatment space across municipal, commercial, and industrial sectors. Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers has built over 25 STPs of varying capacities in Gurugram to date.

Key Credentials:

  • Advanced technologies like SBR, and MBBR, along with ultrafiltration
  • The high degree of mechanization and process automation
  • In-house design, manufacturing, EPC execution and O&M
  1. Sewage Treatment Plants, An infrastructure development conglomerate, Sewage Treatment Plant’s Water Technology business, offers comprehensive life cycle solutions in industrial and municipal effluent treatment. Along with STP engineering and construction, Sewage Treatment Plants provide advanced clarification, filtration, and disinfection technologies.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Design-build STPs employing Extended Aeration, Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR), and Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technologies
  • Rehabilitation and capacity augmentation of existing STPs
  • Custom-built, compact containerized STPs for residential projects and institutional campuses
  1. Urban STP Plant Specializing exclusively in offsite prefabricated containerized STP solutions since 2018, Urban STP Plant offers plug-and-play treatment systems with capacities between 5 and 1000 KLD. The use of MBR, SBR, and MBBR processes within weatherproof steel containers ensures minimum site work and quick commissioning.

Value Proposition:

  • Fully mobile STP solutions are ideal for congested urban sites
  • Rental/OPEX models offered along with CAPEX
  1. Compact STP Plant Incorporated in 2018, Compact STP Plant provides modular containerized STPs using Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) technology imported from the Netherlands customized for Indian conditions. With minimum land requirements and negligible construction work, Compact STP Plant’s STPs are easy to install, operate maintain.

Offerings Profile:

  • Ready-to-use packaged STPs from 10 KLD to 1000 KLD
  • Custom-built containers housing imported equipment
  • Tertiary treatment systems with disinfection
  • Automation, instrumentation and remote monitoring
  1. AQUA Equipment Technologies Pvt. Ltd. In operation since 2013, AQUA Equipment provides innovative plug-and-play STP solutions using cutting-edge BioMicrobics MicroFAST systems imported from the USA delivering compactness, superior water quality, and cost efficiency. Available in capacities from 5 KLD to 500 KLD, AQUA’s offerings suit community sewage applications.

Key Differentiators:

  • Fibreglass & stainless steel construction; minimal civil work
  • Customized containerised solutions
  • Eliminates conventional clarifiers; simple retrofits
  1. Biokube Technologies Pvt. Ltd. An innovative bioscience environmental solutions firm, Biokube leverages a patented biomaterial derived from plant origin that functions as ideal microbe carriers. Coupled with technologies like MBBR and IFAS, Biokube’s solutions maximize treatment efficiency and handle fluctuations in organic loads.

Offerings Profile:

  • Compact onsite STPs from 5KLD to over 5000 KLD
  • Advanced automation for unmanned operations
  • Minimal installation site work and commissioning
  • Pay-per-liter based O&M model
  1. Biltech Building Elements Limited (BBEL) A leader in eco-housing technologies, Biltech provides 100% decentralised sewage treatment solutions for residential projects to ensure zero groundwater discharge. By deploying compact units locally and avoiding expensive sewer lines, Biltech helps developers provision essential wastewater infrastructure economically.

Range of Offerings:

  • Single-home STP units – 3 to 6 KLD capacity
  • Multi-dwelling facility STP – 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 KLD
  • Containerised plug-and-play STP systems up to 1000 KLD
  • Tertiary treatment modules for landscape reuse
  1. Progressive Enviro Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Certified ISO 9001 STP manufacturer operational since 2012, Progressive Enviro caters to hospitality sector, real estate projects and industrial facilities through compact decentralized plants from 20 KLD onwards based on advanced technologies like MBR, SBR, MBBR etc. along with tertiary treatment modules.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Containerised plug-n-play systems to minimize site works
  • Total sludge/odor management
  • Performance automation and remote telemetry
  1. AkarEnviro Engineers Pvt. Ltd. As a leading STP developer established in 2010, AkarEnviro employs conventional activated sludge process, SBR as well as proprietary fluidized aerobic bio-reactor technology to deliver cost-efficient treatment solutions ranging from 50 KLD capacity to very large scale plants.

Offerings Profile:

  • Conventional STPs and pre-fabricated containerized systems
  • Tertiary treatment modules for water recycling needs
  • Value-engineered processes; Equipment supplied from Spain, Germany
  • Operator & Maintenance services post-commissioning


With rapid urban expansion and industrialization, decentralized sewage treatment is a critical sustainability imperative for Gurugram. The city is now home to a vibrant community of conventional as well as innovative STP manufacturers offering cutting-edge solutions catering to large infrastructure projects as well as distributed small facilities.

As modular containerized plants, extensive recycling and reuse of treated effluent, real-time IoT-based monitoring and new funding models gain traction, both public agencies, as well as private enterprises, have an expanded choice of technology partners to address the city’s ambitious sewage treatment objectives.

Equipped with advanced globally proven processes, automation techniques and customer-centric delivery models, Gurugram’s leading STP developers, like Commercial RO plant manufacturers, which is a unit of Netsol water,are gearing up for the next growth phase. Areas like integrated tertiary treatment for total recycling and recovery of nutrients, increased adoption of containerised plug-and-play systems, sludge handling techniques aligned to waste-to-energy programs, large-scale conveyance networks for reusable treated effluent, cluster treatment plants for SME hubs, and use of machine learning analytics for predictive asset maintenance will drive future opportunities.

With a supportive policy framework and the availability of proven decentralized STP technologies, Gurugram has the potential to transform itself into a benchmark city demonstrating sustainable water security and environmental leadership within this decade.

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