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Top 3 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Delhi

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Top 3 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Delhi

As India’s capital city, Delhi handles massive volumes of sewage daily from its dense network of households, commercial establishments, and industries. With Delhi’s sewage output projected to reach 3.6 billion liters per day by 2031, having reliable and efficient sewage treatment infrastructure through public-private collaboration is vital. The top 3 sewage treatment plant manufacturers in Delhi deliver scalable and sustainable treatment solutions.

Top 3 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Delhi

Netsol Water:

Ranked as the top Sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Delhi, Netsol Water is focused on delivering high-quality sewage and effluent treatment solutions across India. Netsol Water leverages global R&D expertise and localized innovation to provide tailored STP plant solutions to handle all capacities of sewage waste. Netsol Water’s core competencies include:

Design and Engineering: Expertise in designing compact, skid-mounted modular STPs with customized process flow and treatment equipment configuration integrated with automation and remote monitoring

Manufacturing: state-of-the-art infrastructure for in-house fabrication of treatment tanks, assembling treatment modules and STP accessories as per design

Project Execution: End-to-end execution from manufacturing to installation and commissioning of STPs on a turnkey basis

Operations & Maintenance: Comprehensive AMCs for regular plant maintenance, consumable replenishment, periodic audits and required upgrades

Netsol Water has installed over 500 STP projects in Delhi/NCR with capacities ranging from 5 KLD to 20 MLD for customers in government and private domains. Their plug-and-play modular STPs utilize innovative technologies like MBBR, MBR, and SBR engineered for maximum efficiency, minimum footprint, and low operational costs.

Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers:

An EPC solutions provider for water and wastewater treatment with global operations since 2018, Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers is a leading Sewage Treatment Plant manufacturer in India. For Delhi, they have supplied high-capacity Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) based STPs for areas with space constraints needing quick implementation integrated with automation and remote monitoring systems.

They provide wholly customized STP solutions, including commissioning and after-sales services across capacities ranging from 01 KLD to over 100 MLD. Their treatment plants utilize globally proven technologies like MBR, MBBR, and Advance Oxidation, minimal maintenance costs, and maximum reuse of treated sewage, meeting all CPCB norms.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant is a globally trusted provider of sustainable solutions in the energy and environment sectors, ranked amongst India’s top STP plant manufacturers. Sewage Treatment Plant has supplied plug-and-play containerized STP solutions in Delhi that are ideal for urban projects needing quick wastewater treatment infrastructure within tight deadlines.

Sewage Treatment Plant’s container STPs with capacities between 5–150 KLD come pre-installed with necessary treatment equipment using technologies like Sequential Batch Reactor and Ultra Filtration, saving significant project execution timelines. For land-intensive STPs, a Sewage Treatment Plant utilizes efficiencies like a Moving Bed Bio Reactor to treat heavy inlet loads in minimal space. With over 5 decades of experience building 150 water/wastewater treatment solutions, Thermax provides the entire spectrum from modular STPs to large 100 MLD capacity plants with maximum uptime.


With a growing water crisis and sewage management challenges, Delhi requires technologically upgraded, decentralized sewage treatment infrastructure developed collaboratively through public stakeholders like the Delhi Jal Board partnering with established private STP manufacturers like Netsol Water, Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers, and Sewage Treatment Plant. By delivering innovative plug-and-play plus containerized solutions needing minimal space/time, customized process design for maximum efficiency, and value-added O&M services, these Top 3 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Delhi continue to play an instrumental role in expanding Delhi’s sewage treatment reach and capacity.

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