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Top 5 Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Manesar

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<strong>Top 5 Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Manesar</strong>

Manesar, a major industrial township in Haryana, has witnessed the phenomenal growth of manufacturing activities over the past decade. From automotive to pharmaceuticals, FMCG, and speciality chemicals – several leading Indian and multinational corporations have set up production facilities in this strategic Delhi-NCR industrial hub. This industrial increment has also brought to the fore the pressing need for scientific treatment of the vast volumes of effluent and wastewater generated from these manufacturing operations. To address this requirement, Manesar has become home to some of India’s premier Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) manufacturers, providing cutting-edge solutions for industrial wastewater management.

Here’s a look at the top 5 ETP manufacturers in Manesar:

1. Netsol Water

Acclaimed as India’s largest ETP company, Netsol Water has emerged as the undisputed number 1 manufacturer in Manesar’s industrial wastewater treatment space. With over 2 decades of domain expertise and several reference installations globally, Netsol Water brings unmatched experience in designing and manufacturing cost-effective ETP solutions tailored for diverse industry sectors. At the advanced Manesar manufacturing facility, Netsol Water produces pre-engineered treatment modules and skid-mounted Effluent Treatment Plants. The innovative product lineup includes advanced oxidation, heavy metal removal, zero liquid discharge (ZLD), membrane bioreactor (MBR), and integrated treatment systems for high efficiency and resource recovery. Netsol Water has commissioned turnkey ETP projects for leading automotive OEMs, textile dyeing units, distilleries, pharmaceutical companies and chemical process industries located in the Manesar industrial belt. The capable engineering team partners with clients to design customised ETP solutions conforming to the latest CPCB/HSPCB effluent discharge norms.

2. Thermax Limited

This multi-domain Indian company has leveraged its robust expertise in energy and environmental engineering to establish a strong presence in Manesar’s ETP market. Thermax designs and manufactures innovative wastewater treatment systems based on continuous moving bed bioreactor technology (CMBR) and sequential batch reactor (SBR) configurations at their Manesar plant. Thermax’s modular ETP packages are widely deployed by pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, automobile and chemical industrial units across Manesar. Their systems employ efficient physicochemical treatment, aerobic/anaerobic biological degradation and advanced oxidation processes to treat and recycle diverse industrial effluent streams.

3. VA Tech Wabag

As a global water treatment technology, WABAG brings proven international capabilities for effluent reuse and industrial water recycling applications. The company’s Manesar facility manufactures equipment, components and packaged Effluent Treatment Plants for industrial sectors like automotive, chemicals, food & beverage, etc.

WABAG’s extensive solution portfolio encompasses conventional activated sludge-based ETPs, membrane bioreactors and zero liquid discharge systems.

4. Aquatech Industries

Headquartered in Gurgaon, Aquatech has emerged as a prominent Indian player offering wastewater treatment and water recycling solutions. Their ETP manufacturing base in Manesar caters to the large demand from local automotive, textile, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemical industries. Aquatech specialises in pre-engineered Effluent Treatment Plants engineered using cutting-edge sub-surface cross flow Bioreactor (SSCBR) technology. This patented anaerobic/aerobic treatment approach helps industries significantly reduce sludge generation while maximising effluent reusability.

5. Doshion Water Solutions

A subsidiary of the Doshion Group, this technology-focused enterprise is dedicated to providing ecologically sustainable industrial water and wastewater treatment solutions. Doshion’s Manesar manufacturing facility produces decentralised and centralised Effluent Treatment Plants using phytoremediation and membrane bioreactor technologies. Doshion’s innovative ETP designs revolve around the core principle of industrial ecology, integrating natural treatment pathways with minimum energy and chemical consumption. Their nature-based effluent treatment systems have been deployed at manufacturing facilities of automotive ancillary units and other process industries operating in Manesar.


The Manesar industrial area is adopting clean wastewater treatment technologies due to increased environmental regulations and corporate focus on sustainability. Leading ETP manufacturers such as Netsol Water, Thermax, VA Tech Wabag, Aquatech, and Doshion have established advanced manufacturing capabilities in the region to capitalize on this opportunity. These companies are innovating and customising their effluent treatment plants to meet the specific needs of different industries. Their technical expertise in process design and modern production facilities enable them to produce high-quality ETP systems cost-effectively. The manufacturing presence in Manesar allows these companies to provide quick after-sales service, spare supply, and performance optimisation support for their ETP installations across NCR. As industries in the region increasingly embrace sustainability and a circular economy approach, the demand for energy-efficient and technologically superior industrial wastewater treatment solutions from these manufacturers is set to grow exponentially.

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