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Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer in Gurugram

Gurugram, part of the National Capital Region (NCR), has undergone rapid urbanization and economic development in recent times. However, this progress has greatly strained water resources and supply infrastructure in the city. Groundwater levels have dropped substantially, and contamination has also degraded water quality. As a result, access to clean and safe drinking water has become a major issue in Gurugram. That’s why there is a major role for commercial RO plant manufacturers and suppliers in Gurugram.

Reverse-osmosis (RO) systems provide a promising solution to this escalating crisis. The RO process utilizes high pressure to force water through a semi-permeable membrane that filters out contaminants. It effectively eliminates particulate matter, bacteria, salts, pesticides, heavy metals, and other pollutants. While regular RO units have a limited capacity, large-scale commercial RO plants can deliver many liters daily. These heavy-duty systems are suitable for offices, hospitals, malls, hotels, educational institutions, and other establishments.

Why are commercial RO systems essential?

As an IT hub and rapidly developing city, Gurugram is home to numerous corporate offices, BPOs, retail stores, hospitals, and other facilities. All these workplaces need an abundant supply of potable water for employees, visitors, and students. Commercial RO plants give them access to purified water to meet their routine necessities.

The use of RO water safeguards staff health and increases productivity by reducing water-borne diseases. Furthermore, providing clean drinking water from RO plants minimizes the use of plastic bottles, thereby slashing bottled water expenses and plastic waste.

Gurugram’s hot and often humid weather results in higher water intake needs. But municipal supply is inconsistent and suffers frequent disruptions. Self-sufficient commercial RO systems guarantee continuous water availability without excessive dependence on civic connections.

The city’s groundwater contains a high concentration of total dissolved solids (TDS), hardness, nitrates, salinity, and other contaminants. This renders it unpalatable and unsafe to ingest. Commercial RO treatment reliably eliminates these dissolved impurities and softens hard water. It is also an essential pre-treatment for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning applications.

For hospitals and healthcare establishments, medical-grade RO water is indispensable for dialysis, surgery, sterilization, and patient treatment. Similarly, pharmaceutical, electronic, and automobile enterprises also require ultra-pure water to meet exacting benchmarks.

Netsol Water’s Offerings 

Headquartered in Greater Noida and a supplier in Gurugram, Netsol Water is a leading commercial RO plant manufacturer in Gurugram. With over two decades of expertise and experience, it caters to both domestic and international markets with a diverse portfolio of smart, efficient RO systems designed with cutting-edge technology.

NetSol Water provides electric and fully automated commercial RO plants equipped with high-recovery pumps for maximum output. Its heavy-duty industrial-grade variants include integrated pre- and post-treatment modules to handle all types of feed water. Commercial RO plants come in various capacities, from under-sink point-of-use systems to large units producing thousands of liters per hour. Customization is also offered, along with innovative products like containerized mobile RO plants.

The plants feature automated TDS adjustment technology for optimal mineral content. NetSol’s patented membrane filtration removes the widest spectrum of pollutants to deliver water conforming to global quality norms. A multi-stage treatment ends in remineralization for healthy drinking water, retaining essential natural minerals.

All systems incorporate online particulate counters, UV sterilizers, and stainless steel storage reservoirs. Integration with existing distribution networks, water coolers, dispensers, and water ATMs is seamless. 

After-sales services include maintenance contracts, annual maintenance packages, old unit buybacks, etc.


As water scarcity and health threats due to unsafe water intensify in Gurugram, commercial RO plants are not mere alternatives but absolute necessities now. Netsol Water has emerged as a premier supplier of high-quality, efficient RO solutions for workplaces across Gurugram. Backed by cutting-edge features, customized designs, and exceptional after-sales support, NetSol Water, a unit of commercial RO plant manufacturers, is the gateway to your cutting-edge water treatment solution.

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