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About us


Entire range of Water treatment Plants:

  • RO Plant / Mineral Water Project (Range: up to 25m3/hr.)
  • DM Plant (Range: up to 50m3/hr.)
  • Softening Plant (Range: up to 50m3/hr.)
  • Media Filter (Range: up to 50m3/hr.)
  • Chlorine Dosing System

Water treatment Chemicals:

  • Antiscalant chemicals


  • Domestic RO Membranes
  • Industrial RO Membranes
  • UF Membranes

Quality & Services:


Pursuing highest standards and passing through stringent stage wise quality checks, Netsol Water produces a product that can optimize customer’s production. Products of high quality standards withstand ISO norms.


A team of qualified and experienced engineers is always on their toes to provide any technical services to the customers round the clock. This ensures the utmost satisfaction of each customer.

What makes us Number One (Top)Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers?

Being just best for some time is not a good practice but for 15-20 years takes a lot of effort and quality products. We have a wide range and industry-leading & game changer client list that mark us their first choice for commercial RO plants. We believe to deliver the Best Quality, not in More Quantity.

What makes our Commercial RO water plants to stand on Top

By the heart of Netsol Research team, we focus and make changes in our water purification system to comply with every expectation of our client. We not only produce plants but manufacture them by heart so the end-user of our product gets benefited. Here some highlighted key point to make a trust bond with us-

  1. RO Plant comes with very easy to install and operate features.
  2. Fully Automated and equipped with the latest technology
  3. With all-new advanced membrane
  4. World’s best Pump protection system
  5. Best dosing pumps for maintaining water flow
  6. Minimum pipe length to save extra space and to install anywhere
  7. Lowest service and maintenance cost
  8. Digital TDS and other functions monitor



A devotional team of Engineers is the core strength of the organization. A tuned team of engineers in various departments of the company and an active group of marketing and customer support executives lead by visionary top management persons are the driving force of the company.


Located in Greater Noida, Delhi- and industrial heart of India and having its operations in all corners of the nation. Total two divisional Commercial and Industrial – manufacturing facilities. Each facility is operating as an individual entity and contributing to the growth of NWS with separate development and manufacturing.

This is not just an end to our quality. Once you get to connect with us you can feel what quality and standard of products we are producing.

For any kind of query or inquiry regarding commercial ro plants or industrial ro plant, you can call / WhatsApp us on +91-9650608473 or write us at You can also visit for a detailed client list and technology.