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Commercial RO Plant installation

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Commercial RO Plant installation

Netsol Water Solutions’ Commercial RO plant manufacturer are built to generate top-notch Premium Drinking Water, at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest amount of time, allowing the RO Plant to last a very long period with the least amount of maintenance.

Steps for Commercial RO Plant Installation

  1. Installation of a faucet

For faucet installation, the sink’s sprayer may be detached. The sprayer connection must be sealed with a pipe cap or plug, although, it is also possible to leave the sprayer attached under the sink. Make sure nothing below will be harmed before drilling the faucet mounting. A 2″ smooth surface with a maximum 1-1/4″ thickness is needed.

For ease, the faucet should be placed so that it empties into the sink and the spout can easily rotate. No drilling is necessary if the sink already has a hole that the RO faucet can fit in.

  • Mounting the Faucet

Disassemble the treaded shank’s hardware. Rubber washers and chrome base plates are slid up the shank, to the faucet body.

Orient the faucet by inserting the threaded shank through the sink hole. Slide a lock washer and hex nut over the threaded shank from beneath the sink, then tighten them using a tool.

  • Installation of the Angle Stop Valve and Tubing

The angle stop (cold water shut-off) and the base of the riser tube are connected simply and conveniently.  The Angle Stop Valve serves as the feed supply connection and includes an integrated shut-off for the reverse osmosis system.

  • Installation of a drain saddle valve

The drain beneath the sink is connected with a Drain Saddle, which is made to fit around a typical 1-1/2″ pipe “drainpipe in OD. Always install the drain saddle valve on a horizontal or vertical drain before (above) the p-trap.

To prevent blocking the drain line with debris, do not put the drain saddle close to a garbage disposal.

  • Installation of connected Tubing

It may be convenient to complete under sink tubing connections now for under sink installations.

  • Installation of RO components

It includes installation of Cartridges. The RO membrane, and sediment cartridge, and carbon block cartridge, must be put in the RO Plant. The cartridges are packaged hygienically.

The carbon block cartridge(s) are placed after the melt blown polypropylene sediment cartridge, on the intake side. Either end of these cartridges can be inserted first when installing them.

O-ring end of membrane should be inserted first into the membrane housing. Ensure that the RO membrane is pressed as far as it will go, in the membrane housing.

  • Installation of a RO unit

Elevate the unit at least 2″ off the ground, level it, and mark the locations of the required mounting holes before mounting it. Create a mounting screw hole and then insert the screws so that the mounting bracket slots can fit over them.

Once all parts are in place, follow these instructions to finish the final tubing connections:

  1. Utilizing square cuts and the suitable cutting tool, cut tubing to the proper length.
  2. Make sure the tubing is free of crimps.
  3. For optimal flow, keep the tubing from the RO unit to the tank and faucet as short as feasible.
  4. The Drain line is only a 1/4″ long “a tube that is attached to the membrane housing. It has a 3 on it “drain flow restrictor in a cylinder. The drain line joins the RO unit at this location. The drain flow restrictor must not be removed since doing so will result in a system failure.

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