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Industrial RO Plant Manufacturer in Jewar

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Industrial RO Plant Manufacturer in Jewar

Jewar, located in Uttar Pradesh’s Gautam Buddh Nagar district, is rapidly transforming into a prime industrial and logistics destination. Major infrastructure projects are driving heavy investments across diverse sectors in this region. However, sustainable industrial development necessitates reliable access to quality water resources for manufacturing processes. With rising freshwater stress in the region, industries can no longer afford to depend entirely on ground or surface water sources. Adopting a comprehensive water management approach, including recycling and reusing treated wastewater, has become imperative for industrial units in Jewar. Industrial RO (Reverse Osmosis) plants play a crucial role by purifying diverse effluent streams through advanced membrane separation processes to produce high-quality process-grade recycled water.

Let’s explores the pressing need for industrial RO plant manufacturer in Jewar. It also examines the role of the leading company in helping drive water sustainability initiatives in the region.

Need for Industrial RO Plant Manufacturers in Jewar

Several factors are necessitating investments in water recycling infrastructure and industrial RO plants in Jewar:

1. Industrial Growth and Water Demand

With the increase in automotive, heavy engineering, aerospace and defence manufacturing units, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, food processing facilities etc. water demands for utilities, cooling, cleaning and production processes will massively increase. RO-treated wastewater fits the bill as a sustainable alternate resource. 

2. Depleting Groundwater Levels

Excessive groundwater mining in Jewar owing to urban and industrial expansion has caused the water table to plummet over 60 meters in some areas. Industrial RO plants enable recharging of aquifers with treated wastewater thereby mitigating this crisis.

3. Compliance with Discharge Norms

As per UPPCB norms, all industries must eliminate hazardous effluent discharge into water bodies. Industrial RO plants not only ensure compliance but also facilitate zero liquid discharge through complete effluent recycling.

4. Promoting a Circular Economy

Recycling and reuse align with national missions like ‘Waste to Wealth’ while ushering in a circular economic model. Value-addition of wastewater streams becomes possible by deploying RO technology from trusted manufacturers.    

5. Long-term Sustainability

By reducing stress on existing water resources and deploying Industrial RO plants to recover process-grade water continuously, industries gain insulation from future water risks and supply uncertainties.

Role of Netsol Water as an Industrial RO Plant Manufacturer in Jewar

Netsol Water focussing on advanced water/wastewater treatment, is among India’s leading industrial RO plant manufacturers catering to clients across sectors like pharmaceuticals, automotive, metal finishing, food processing and more. With several successful installations spanning many  states, Netsol Water brings global engineering expertise combined with local market knowledge to provide end-to-end solutions.

Key Capabilities:

Advanced RO Technologies

  • Spiral wound, hollow fiber RO systems
  • High recovery cross-flow RO
  • Membranes from leading international OEMs like Hydraunatics, Toray
  • System designs maximizing recovery rates over 90% 

Comprehensive Treatment Solutions

  • UF/NF systems for RO pre-treatment 
  • Deaeration, softeners to protect RO membranes
  • Remineralization, ozonation post-treatment
  • Concentrate/reject management through advanced oxidation & ZLD

Modular, Containerized RO Plants

  • Plug-and-play packaged industrial RO units
  • Flexible phased expansions from 50 m3/day to 5000+ m3/day
  • Space-efficient compact footprints
  • Quick deployment through minimum site construction/assembly

High Automation & Digital Enablement

  • PLC/SCADA based systems with IoT connectivity
  • Advanced instrumentation, self-cleaning provisions
  • Remote monitoring, controls and predictive diagnostics
  • Customized data reports, analytics and optimisation modules

Flexible Execution Models

  • Turnkey system supply: Design, engineering, supply, construction, installation, commissioning
  • Annual maintenance, spares and chemistry provisioning contracts 
  • Performance-linked Build-Own-Operate (BOO) models

Netsol Water’s technical depth, expertise in global technologies, local manufacturing strengths, and customer focus uniquely position it to serve industries in Jewar with tailored industrial RO plant solutions that promote sustainability.


Businesses are investing in various sectors such as automotive, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. As a result, it has become necessary to develop water recycling infrastructure and industrial RO treatment plants. The leading industrial RO plant manufacturer in Jewar have already established their presence by using global treatment technologies integrated with digital capabilities and flexible business models. Netsol Water, an Indian multinational group’s specialised water/wastewater treatment, is emerging as a preferred partner for industries in Jewar through its modular, plug-and-play RO plant solutions backed by performance guarantees, low lifecycle costs and professional service assurances.

To explore customised commercial RO plants, Industrial RO plants, ETP or STP solutions for your needs in your areas and nearby regions, contact Netsol Water at:

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