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Top 10 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

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Top 10 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

As one of the fastest-growing cities in India, Ghaziabad is home to over 3 million residents, contributing to high volumes of municipal sewage daily. Properly treating and disposing of this massive sewage load requires reliable water treatment infrastructure across the city. We look at the top 10 sewage treatment plant manufacturers in Ghaziabad.

Top 10 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

1) Netsol Water

At the top of the list is Netsol Water, headquartered in Greater Noida and a supplier in Ghaziabad. It is the market leader, with the largest number of decentralized STP installations across the city. With a specialized focus on compact modular sewage treatment applications, Netsol Water is customers’ trusted project delivery partner, offering:

1- In-house design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning

2- Extended operational support through O&M contracts

3- Containerized solar-powered plug-n-play STP equipment

4- Consistent plant performance leveraging process automation

Having successfully executed over 500 installations to date, Netsol Water brings deep insight into practical project challenges, translating into tailored solutions for clients. By combining domain expertise with steadfast customer service, Netsol Water has emerged as Ghaziabad’s number-one sewage treatment partner today.

2) Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers

Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers leverage German technological expertise to provide advanced biological treatment solutions combined with tertiary polishing to produce near-potable reuse-quality treated sewage. Major highlights comprise:

1- Consistent effluent quality surpassing statutory compliance guideline

2- Integrated MBR-RO systems have water suitable for flushing reuse

3- Minimized plant footprint through process innovations

4- Systems available from pilot to mega project capacities

Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer’s installations treat influent to purity levels generally achieved only by bottled water plants. Through expertise in MBR, membrane systems and advanced oxidation technology, Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers unlock maximum value from sewage, ensuring positive environmental impacts.

3) Sewage Treatment Plants

Ranked third is Sewage Treatment Plants, a highly customer-centric organization offering innovative STP models aligned to client operational priorities and commercial considerations. Key flexible solutions include:

1- Unique BOOT/Hybrid Annuity Model for Capital Investment Sharing

2- Decentralized to centralized STP infrastructure execution capabilities

3- Single-point implementation responsibility minimizes coordination

Under Sewage Treatment Plants business models, clients need not provide a complete project CAPEX upfront. Their structure eases the immediate capital burden, making modular STPs more accessible. With in-house design-build-finance expertise and personalized solutions, Sewage Treatment Plants helps customers focus on core operations while the STP function is delivered as a “hands-off” utility service.

4) Urban STP Plant

One of Ghaziabad’s original STP companies, Urban STP Plant, was established back in 2018. With extensive expertise in Activated Sludge Process and Tertiary Treatment Technologies, Urban STP Plant provides full spectrum conventional STP solutions up to 10 MLD capacity for large communities.

1- Complete offering covering planning to commission

2- In-house design, engineering and manufacturing

3- Solutions for municipalities and infrastructure developers

4- Centralized STPs serving entire sub-cities and districts

Urban STP Plant brings a rich legacy of large treatment plant execution for government bodies like DDA and public sector undertakings. Where project size and treatment capacities run into millions of litres, Urban STP Plant delivers comprehensive end-to-end solutions.

5) Ultra Filters

Pioneers in decentralized compact sewage treatment, Ultra Filters is ranked fifth. Over 300 installations utilizing proprietary Ultrafiltration Membrane Bio-Reactor (UF-MBR) technology position them as specialists in modular STPs up to 500 KLD capacity. Unmatched performance includes:

1- Consistent organics, suspended solids and bacterial removal to meet stringent discharge norms

2- Fully automated operation and remote performance monitoring

3- Minimized land & civil work requirements

4- Expert lifetime equipment support & maintenance

Ultra Filter’s expertise serves real estate developers needing reliable UF-MBR-based STP infrastructure with a small footprint and sustainable compliance. Their systems treat sewage to near potable reuse quality with the least human intervention.

6) Ascent Water Technology

Ascent Water deploys German expertise to manufacture intelligent containerized sewage treatment solutions where the entire system arrives factory-assembled. Unique strengths comprise:

1- Containerized plug-n-play STP equipment up to 500 KLD

2- Comprehensive biological treatment, tertiary polishing, and disinfection modules integrated in containers

3- Automated operation with solar power backup for uninterrupted performance

With microprocessor dosing, Ascent systems are truly optimised for sustainable water treatment via greater automation, zero manual intervention and minimised environmental impacts. Ascent offers the fastest route from order to commissioning for customers on tight project timelines.

7) Oxide India

In operation for over 25 years, Oxide India is a market leader in small to mid-scale sewage treatment solutions. They offer end-to-end solutions encompassing:

1- Conventional Activated Sludge Process Technology Expertise

2- Inhouse mechanical, electrical and instrumentation capabilities

3- Range of capacities from 50 KLD to 5000 KLD

4- Systems optimised for operational reliability

Oxide brings the multi-disciplinary engineering experience required for comprehensive STP implementation. Customers benefit from the complete treatment infrastructure manufactured in-house under one quality umbrella. Oxide’s installation track record across Ghaziabad is extensive from hotels and malls to housing projects.

8) Edify Enviro Engineers

Established in 1998, Edify Enviro takes an innovative approach to sewage treatment centred on minimised civil footprint and rapid implementation. Salient solutions include:

1- Unique subterranean STP tanks with underground installation

2- Minimizes land take by building underground treatment infrastructure

3- Rapid execution with precast modular tank structures

4- Advanced tertiary treatment technology configurations

Edify enables clients to literally “build down” rather than across sites, saving valuable space & cost for property developers. With minimal apparent STP infrastructure above ground, Edify helps retain site aesthetics and usable area – highly suited for retrofitting in congested urban locations.

9) BiogreenEnvitech

Running the biological treatment process efficiently is key for optimal STP performance. Biogreen leverages patented reactor media, providing protected large surface areas for bacterial growth, leading to enhanced treatment kinetics. Key features include:

1- Enhanced MBBR with engineered reactor fill media

2- Up to 50% smaller plant footprint

3- Consistent compliance to stringent discharge norms

4- Low lifecycle costs through process optimization

Specifically for compact STP projects on tight sites, Biogreen’s advanced media, coupled with custom-designed reactors, bring a unique edge. For clients prioritising land savings or demanding superior treated sewage quality, Biogreen delivers specialised STP systems with distinct advantages.

10) Acme Enviro Systems

Established in 2013, Acme Enviro is a new-generation manufacturer deploying cutting-edge automation, remote analytics and IoT technologies to deliver smarter STP solutions. Their differentiating offering includes:

1- Containerised solar-powered MBBR based STPs

2- Advanced sensors for 24×7 real-time performance monitoring

3- Cloud-based analytics and mobile app access

4- Cost-optimized plug n-play solutions

With deep domain expertise in environmental technologies and digital solutions, Acme creates sustainable STPs fully optimised for the lowest operational costs/carbon footprints. Using solar panels and smart remote controlling, Acme STPs utilise green energy to treat sewage in a highly eco-friendly manner effectively.


Ghaziabad requires extensive, sustainable sewage treatment infrastructure to support the city’s exponential growth trajectory. As newer areas get built out, decentralized STP capacity is pivotal before occupancy. Top 10 sewage treatment plant manufacturers in Ghaziabad, like Netsol Water, Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers, Sewage Treatment Plants, Urban STP Plant, Ultra Filters and Ascent provide innovative modular solutions to fulfill this essential requirement. With capacities spanning a few KLDs to mega MLD plants, Ghaziabad builders and contractors have access to advanced STP technologies and flexible new-age business models. The top 10 companies ranked here collectively provide state-of-the-art treatment solutions and expertise, enabling Ghaziabad to equip itself with efficient sewage treatment plants for the future.

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