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Top 3 Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers in Gurugram

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Top 3 Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers in Gurugram

Reverse osmosis (RO) technology is crucial for providing clean and safe drinking water in commercial establishments like hotels, hospitals, schools, and offices. As Gurugram has emerged as a major corporate and industrial hub near Delhi, there is a high demand for advanced commercial RO systems from the top 3 commercial RO plant manufacturers in Gurugram.

Top 3 Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers in Gurugram

1. Netsol Water

Netsol Water is a well-established manufacturer and supplier of commercial RO plants and ranks #No1 in Gurugram’s market share. Founded in 2012, the company provides both standard and customizable RO plants with different capacities.

The commercial RO plants from Netsol Water include features like high flux thin film composite membranes, automatic backwashing, remineralization, and more. They also offer specialized large-scale water treatment plants for pharmaceutical companies, food & beverage factories, semiconductor manufacturing, and similar applications.

The company has a manufacturing unit in Gautambudha district. Netsol Water says adherence to quality standards, timely project execution, and prompt after-sales support are its key strengths.

2. Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers

Commercial RO plant manufacturers, a unit of Netsol Water, are ranked as the #2 manufacturer and supplier of commercial RO plants in Gurugram. With over 10 years of experience, the company has installed thousands of RO plants across India. Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers has a strong network of dealers and channel partners in Haryana and Delhi-NCR, which allows for a quick turnaround on sales inquiries and after-sales support.

The company offers technologically advanced RO water purification systems customized for the needs of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, apartment complexes, schools, industries, and corporate offices. The commercial RO plants come fully automated with features like high purification capacity, stainless steel construction, low electricity consumption, remote monitoring, and intelligent water management. Customers can select from electric as well as raw water feed RO system models.

Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers provide specialized commercial water treatment solutions for applications like cooling towers and boilers. With ISO 9001 certification and 100% customized design capabilities, it is the trusted choice for commercial RO plants in Gurugram.

3. Commercial RO Plant

Commercial RO Plant is a relatively newer entrant in Gurugram’s commercial RO segment but has gained popularity for its competitive pricing and on-time delivery. The company offers electric as well as skid-mounted RO plants with varied capacities.

The RO systems are designed using corrosion-resistant materials ideal for the local groundwater quality. Commercial RO Plant says it focuses on easy maintenance features so that customers can manage operations in-house without needing regular external support. Some additional components it provides include water softeners, specialized membranes, ultraviolet disinfection, and remineralization cartridges.

The Commercial RO Plant caters to budget hotels, small restaurants, schools, and commercial buildings. It has over 50 installations at companies in Gurugram and Faridabad. The company says strong technical expertise, quote transparency, and a 3-year warranty on parts & labor are its unique selling propositions.


As Gurugram witnesses rapid commercial development, choosing the right manufacturer is crucial for offices, hotels, and other establishments to ensure a steady supply of pure drinking water through RO technology on-premises. Netsol Water leads the market with advanced and reliable commercial RO plants, backed by strong customer service. New players like Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers are also catching up with competitive offerings to meet the rising industry demand locally.

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