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Top 3 Industrial RO Plant Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

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<strong>Top 3 Industrial RO Plant Manufacturers in Ghaziabad</strong>

Ghaziabad, situated in the National Capital Region of India, has transformed into a major industrial and manufacturing hub over the past few decades. Many different types of industries are located in this region, including those that produce textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and automobiles. One important requirement for many of these industries is a reliable supply of purified process water. This has created significant demand for industrial RO (reverse osmosis) plants that can treat available raw water sources to deliver high-purity water, meeting the stringent quality standards for industrial use.

An industrial RO plant typically combines pretreatment, RO membrane separation and polishing stages to remove dissolved salts, organics, colloidal particles and other contaminants from feed water.

In this blog, we take an in-depth look at the leading top 3 industrial RO plant manufacturers in Ghaziabad.

1. Netsol Water

Netsol Water stands tall as the undisputed leader in the industrial RO plant segment for Ghaziabad and surrounding regions. With over two decades of extensive experience handling some of the most challenging industrial water treatment applications, Netsol offers customised RO-based solutions precisely engineered for each project.

The industrial RO plant portfolio covers:

  • Plant capacities from 1 m3/hr all the way up to 1000 m3/hr and above
  • Multi-technology pre-treatment systems including multimedia filters, softeners, UTFs
  • High rejection polyamide RO membranes with energy recovery devices 
  • Membrane cleaning systems and antiscalant dosing packages
  • Comply with resource efficiency and ZLD norms
  • PLC/SCADA automation with remote monitoring/control capabilities
  • Containerized plug-and-play units or conventional skid/concrete construction 

What truly sets Netsol Water apart is its core strength of undertaking every industrial RO plant as a turnkey project. The team of experts at Netsol Water conducts detailed raw water analysis and membrane selection studies during the initial stage itself. This allows optimizing the system design from both Capex and Opex perspectives by:

  • Tailoring the pre-treatment stages as per feed water characteristics
  • Incorporating the latest energy recovery devices to reduce pumping costs
  • Rightsizing membranes while balancing flux and recovery factors
  • Integrating measures for enhanced membrane life and plant efficiency

Netsol Water has exposure across industrial sectors like:

  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology
  • Chemical processing
  • Food and beverage
  • Fertilizers and agro-chemicals
  • Automotive
  • Textile

As a systems integrator, Netsol Water collaborates with global technology leaders to source best-in-class components for their industrial RO plants. Their ISO-certified local manufacturing facilities ensure quality adherence during fabrication and assembly. With turnkey capabilities spanning process design, engineering, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and lifecycle services, Netsol Water provides true single-source accountability for industrial RO plant implementations.

2. Aquachem Industries

Aquachem Industries is a well-established name providing industrial water and wastewater treatment solutions for over 25 years. Their product portfolio includes industrial RO plants, demineralization plants, zero liquid discharge systems and more. For industrial RO applications, Aquachem offers customized skid-mounted RO units. RO plants employ advanced pre-treatment systems like multimedia filters, activated carbon filters, antiscalant dosing rigs etc. to ensure consistent membrane performance.

3. ION Exchange

ION Exchange (India) Ltd. is a pioneering company in the field of ion exchange technology and a major manufacturer in industrial water treatment. As part of their product lineup, they manufacture industrial RO plants and associated equipment like RO membranes, pressure vessels, resins etc. ION Exchange caters to industrial RO plant requirements across sectors like pharmaceutical, power, petrochemical refineries, automotive, textile and more. With manufacturing facilities across India, ION Exchange has the resources to fabricate industrial RO plants, including associated MS/FRP tanks, cartridge filters, etc. They also have regional branch offices providing technical support and spare parts locally.


When it comes to selecting an industrial RO plant manufacturer for facilities located in Ghaziabad, Netsol Water clearly stands out as the frontrunner, given its specialised engineering skills, diverse experience portfolio and end-to-end expertise in this critical area. Netsol Water’s Industrial RO plants are widely proven to provide consistent, reliable performance across water-intensive sectors like pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage, textile, power and more. By undertaking each project with a consultative, optimization-focused approach, Netsol Water aims to deliver industrial RO plants that offer sustainable value through lower lifecycle costs, extended asset life, environment compliance and long-term plant viability.

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