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Top 3 Industrial RO Plant Manufacturers in Jewar

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Top 3 Industrial RO Plant Manufacturers in Jewar

With growing demands on freshwater resources and the need to conserve this precious natural capital, recycling and reuse of wastewater streams through advanced treatment solutions is rapidly emerging as a sustainable best practice. Reverse Osmosis (RO) based treatment systems play an important role in industrial wastewater recycling by removing dissolved impurities, organic contaminants, hardness and pathogens from effluent streams. RO permeate, thus produced, can be recycled as a process to make up water or utility streams, dramatically reducing industrial facilities’ freshwater footprint. we will know about the top 3 industrial RO plant manufacturers in Jewar.

List of the top 3 industrial RO plant manufacturers in Jewar:

1. Netsol Water

As a leading Indian company specialising in industrial water and wastewater treatment for 2 decades, Netsol Water has extensive experience delivering comprehensive RO-based water recycling solutions.  With several industrial and commercial installations across different states, Netsol Water combines global technology with local engineering expertise cost-effectively.

Key Differentiators:

  • Advanced RO technologies like spiral-wound, hollow fibre membranes
  • System designs maximising water recovery; Zero liquid discharge capabilities
  • Containerized plug-and-play plants; Modularity for phased expansion 
  • Value-added offerings: UF/NF pretreatment, RO concentrate treatment, SCADA & remote monitoring

For industrial units in Jewar, Netsol Water’s solutions offer water sustainability through reliable recycling and reuse of treated effluents backed by performance guarantees and professional O&M services.

2. Ion Exchange (India) Ltd.

Ion Exchange has decades of global experience providing total water management and recycling solutions to industries like oil & gas, steel, pharmaceuticals, automotive and more.  Its industrial RO systems utilise cutting-edge membrane separation along with pretreatment through Ion Exchange resins, activated carbon filters and antiscalant dosing to ensure consistent permeate quality.

Key Capabilities:

  • Customized system designs for any influent quality handling various contaminants like silica, oil/grease, organic matter, hardness
  • Full plant construction from intake to RO high-pressure pumps, cartridge filters, membranes and more
  • Proprietary IX resins for removal of TOC, boron, nitrates, ammonia along with RO 
  • Automation, data monitoring systems and all-inclusive O&M services

Ion Exchange’s deep expertise in process engineering, membrane selection and membrane cleaning procedures enables optimal RO performance for industrial clients in Jewar.

3. Driplex Water Engineering Ltd.

Driplex is a reputed company specialising in industrial wastewater recycling and water conservation solutions utilising membrane treatment, biotechnology and thermal processes.  Its RO/UF division offers advanced water recovery systems focused on maximising permeate production while ensuring compliance with discharge or reuse standards.

Notable Strengths:

  • Packaged plants for RO/UF/MBR/Evaporators/Crystallizers
  • Patented technologies like CloudSaver for seawater/brackish water desalination
  • Integrated UF/RO systems; Brine/concentrate treatment for ZLD 
  • One-stop solutions from treatability studies to commissioning and long-term O&M  

Driplex’s expertise in membrane systems combined with biological and thermal treatment processes enables it to deliver comprehensive industrial water recycling solutions to plants in Jewar.


While industrial growth in Jewar promises economic opportunities, long-term sustainability requires the development of such water-positive ecosystems enabled by RO Treatment majors. The mentioned top 3 industrial RO plant manufacturers in Jewar cater for all the needs of the town. By maximising water recovery and minimising discharge/freshwater intake simultaneously, these companies facilitate a circular water economy aligned with national priorities.

To explore customised commercial RO plants, Industrial RO plants, ETP or STP solutions for your needs in your areas and nearby regions, contact Netsol Water at:

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