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Top 3 Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers in Jewar

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Top 3 Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers in Jewar

Jewar, a rapidly emerging urban and industrial hub located in the Gautam Buddh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh, is witnessing an unprecedented surge in development activities. The region is attracting significant investments across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. This growth has increased the demand for reliable and sustainable water treatment solutions, particularly in commercial and industrial applications. To address this pressing need, several prominent Commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant manufacturers have established their presence in Jewar, offering cutting-edge water purification technologies and turnkey project capabilities.

List of the top 3 commercial RO plant manufacturers in Jewar:

1. Netsol Water

Netsol Water has solidified its position as the undisputed leader among Commercial RO Plant manufacturers in Jewar. With over 2 decades of domain expertise and Netsol Water brings unparalleled experience and technological prowess to the region. Netsol Water is equipped with cutting-edge machinery and rigorous quality control systems, enabling the manufacture of high-quality RO membranes, pressure vessels, multimedia filters, and other critical plant components as per international standards.

What sets Netsol Water apart is its ability to provide end-to-end Commercial RO plant solutions, encompassing comprehensive site assessment, process design, customised system engineering, expert installation, and comprehensive after-sales support through annual maintenance contracts and remote monitoring capabilities.

Netsol Water’s Commercial RO plant solutions cater to a diverse range of industries and commercial establishments in Jewar, including hospitality, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, automotive and manufacturing, and power generation. The company’s innovative features, such as energy-efficient systems, water recycling and reuse capabilities, Internet of Things (IoT) integration, and modular and scalable designs, show its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

With several high-profile projects in Jewar and the surrounding regions, including large-scale RO-based water treatment plants for leading hospitality chains, luxury residential developments, food and beverage manufacturing units, and automotive facilities, Netsol Water has established itself as a trusted partner for reliable and sustainable water treatment solutions.

2. Ion Exchange (India) Ltd.

Ion Exchange (India) Ltd., a multi-product Indian company, has a dedicated Environmental Management Division specializing in industrial water and wastewater treatment solutions. The company’s Jewar manufacturing unit focuses on producing innovative Commercial RO plants tailored for diverse industrial and commercial applications.

Ion Exchange leverages advanced membrane technologies like Low-Pressure RO (LPR) and Continuous Deionization (CDI) to manufacture compact, energy-efficient RO systems suitable for various sectors. Their Commercial RO packages find extensive usage among pharmaceutical, food & beverage, textile, and other manufacturing units in Jewar, enabling compliance with stringent water quality standards while optimizing operational costs.

3. Doshi Ion Exchange & Chemical Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 1977, Doshi Ion Exchange & Chemical Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneering Indian company offering comprehensive solutions for industrial water treatment and recycling. Their state-of-the-art Jewar facility manufactures a diverse range of RO-based process water treatment, effluent recycling, and zero liquid discharge systems. Doshi provides customized Commercial RO packages for applications like RO/NF-based recycling of textile dyeing effluents, treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater, purification of boiler makeup water, and more. The company has successfully installed several such systems across Jewar’s thriving industrial landscape, enabling clients to optimise water usage, minimise waste streams, and achieve environmental compliance.


As Jewar grows into a commercial and industrial centre, it will need reliable and sustainable water treatment solutions. These top 3 top Commercial RO Plant manufacturers in Jewar are well-suited to meet Jewar’s evolving water treatment needs. They are experts in technology, provide customized solutions, and are committed to protecting the environment. By working with these manufacturers, Jewar can ensure a secure and sustainable water supply for its growing industries and businesses.

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