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Top 5 Industrial RO Plant Manufacturers in Manesar

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Manesar, the flourishing industrial township in Haryana, has rapidly transformed into an essential water treatment hub for manufacturing units across North India. With leading Indian and global corporations setting up large industrial parks and facilities here, the demand for process water treatment and recycling solutions has surged tremendously. Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology has emerged as the most favoured option for industries to produce purified water cost-effectively while minimising process discharge. To cater to this growing market, several prominent RO plant manufacturers have established manufacturing units and bases in Manesar. These suppliers offer advanced RO-based water treatment systems customised for diverse industrial applications.

Top 5 industrial RO plant manufacturers  in Manesar:

1. Netsol Water

Acclaimed as the largest industrial RO company in India, Netsol Water is the undisputed number 1 manufacturer of specialised RO-based process water treatment solutions in Manesar. With over 2 decades of domain expertise and an install base of several industrial water treatment projects globally, Netsol Water brings unparalleled experience in this domain. At their state-of-the-art Manesar manufacturing facility, Netsol produces pre-engineered RO plants, high-pressure tubes, membranes, and RO components conforming to global quality standards. Their product range includes containerised RO plants, Zero Liquid Discharge plants, effluent recycling systems, and more.

Netsol Water has commissioned turnkey industrial RO and ZLD installations for leading manufacturers across sectors like automobile, chemical, pharma, fertiliser, and power in Manesar. Their skilled engineering team collaborates with clients to develop customised yet cost-effective RO-based solutions tailored to specific process water quality needs.

2. Ion Exchange (India) 

This multi-product Indian company has an Environmental Management Division specialising in industrial water and wastewater treatment solutions. Ion Exchange’s Manesar manufacturing unit focuses on producing industrial RO plants with innovative system designs. Leveraging advanced membranes like Low-Pressure RO (LPR) and Continuous Deionization (CDI), Ion Exchange manufactures space and energy-efficient RO systems suitable for diverse industrial applications. Their industrial RO packages find wide usage among pharmaceutical, food & beverage, textile and other manufacturing units based in Manesar.

3. Doshi Ion Exchange 

Established in 1977, Doshi is a pioneering Indian company offering comprehensive solutions for industrial water treatment and recycling. Their Manesar facility manufactures a wide range of RO-based process water treatment, effluent recycling, and zero liquid discharge systems. Doshi provides customised industrial RO packages for applications like RO/NF-based recycling of textile dyeing effluents, treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater, purification of boiler makeup water, and more. They have installed several such systems across industrial units in Manesar and NCR.

4. Aquatech Industries

In addition to Effluent Treatment Plants, Aquatech is a major manufacturer of industrial RO systems in Manesar. Their portfolio includes compact RO systems, tubular & spiral-wound RO modules, and high-efficiency energy recovery devices. Aquatech’s industrial RO offerings find applications in process water treatment for automotive, chemical, food and beverage plants located in the Manesar manufacturing belt. Their RO packages optimize system size while ensuring consistent water quality and reduced operating costs.

5. Thermax Limited 

This multi-domain Indian engineering conglomerate manufactures industrial RO plants alongside effluent treatment systems at their facility in Manesar. Thermax deploys spiral-wound RO membranes in robust skid-mounted packages designed for process water treatment and wastewater recycling in industries. The modular construction and plug-and-play capabilities of Thermax’s industrial RO units make them well-suited for diverse industrial sectors with water purification needs, such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, refineries, etc. Thermax has supplied several such process water treatment solutions to manufacturing plants in Manesar.


As industrial growth in Manesar and the surrounding areas continues to accelerate, the demand for reliable process water treatment and recycling technologies is witnessing an increase. Having established robust local manufacturing units, companies like Netsol Water, Ion Exchange, Doshi, Aquatech and Thermax are well-positioned to cater to this burgeoning market.

These industrial RO plant manufacturers offer the latest technological advancements such as energy-efficient membranes, automated control systems, smart data monitoring, and IoT integration. Their innovative system designs ensure consistent delivery of high-purity process water while maximising wastewater recycling and reuse to drive operational sustainability for industrial units.

With their comprehensive products spanning packaged RO plants, Zero Liquid Discharge plants, effluent recycling solutions and more, these suppliers provide complete technology solutions under one roof. Moreover, having localised manufacturing in Manesar enables them to offer prompt service, membrane change-outs, and spare support for their industrial RO plant installations across the region.

As industries prioritise water conservation, environmental compliance, and resource optimisation, the demand for advanced industrial RO plants from these leading manufacturers is poised to witness tremendous growth in the coming years across Manesar’s industrial ecosystem.

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