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What are the dimensions of the commercial RO plant?

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What are the dimensions of the commercial RO plant?

Commercial RO plant manufacturer one of the first and most widely used methods of separation, reverse osmosis is primarily used to purify water. In 1950, the method was primarily used to desalinate seawater, but it was still a sluggish, labour-intensive procedure that was only feasible in a few labs.

However, following much research and technological improvements, there were notable developments, particularly in the area of polymers and the creation of effective membranes. Today, a lot of people utilize this method to purify water for Commercial RO plant manufacturer, residential, industrial, and scientific uses.

In this blog, we will discuss about the specifications of different commercial RO plants.

Which factors decide the size of commercial RO Plants?

The needed permeate quantity, feed water salinity, and anticipated permeate quality, will decide the size of the RO and membrane selection.

1: Firstly, because low energy membranes enable the units to operate at pressures between 150 and 200 psi, fewer pressure booster pumps are needed to provide clean water.

2: Secondly, from an input water of between 500 and 700, the membranes will create water with a quality of approximately 10.

3: Thirdly, the RO system’s control device continually assesses the level of permeate water, which is related to the system’s safety controls, which ensures low and high pressure, high and low conductivity and an overflowing permeate tank signal. Additionally, numerous pre and post flushing cycles lengthen the life of the membrane.

4: Typically, RO units are created and operated as solitary machines that produce the necessary quantity, throughout the entire day. The machines can also run simultaneously, doubling the permeate production.

5: Additionally, the RO can be created in “double pass mode” for very high purity waters, which involves feeding the permeate water from the first unit into the second pass, as raw water.

6: Last but not the least, the amount of water available on the raw water feed side needs to be carefully measured, as the unit recovery for pure water is approximately 75%.

What are the dimensions of the commercial RO Plant?

Commercial RO Plant DimensionsWidthDepthHeight
RO compact 1000-6000 LPH500625950
RO compact 8000 LPH6006251150
RO 111207251525
RO 222009001525
RO 3410011001700
RO 4300011001700
RO 5390011001711
RO 6490011001711


Any application that requires soft water, such as wash water, grey water for toilet flushing, or in some situations cooling tower make-up, can use the 25% concentrate that the RO rejects. Utilizing this water lessens any feed supply waste.

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