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Top 10 Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

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Top 10 Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad has emerged as a key hub for commercial RO plant manufacturers in recent years. The favorable business environment, availability of skilled labor, and proximity to Delhi, NCR, have attracted many players to set up manufacturing units here. The top 10 commercial RO plant manufacturers in Ghaziabad.

Top 10 Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

1. Netsol Water

Netsol Water is a renowned name in manufacturing cutting-edge commercial RO plants of different capacities and features. Netsol Water has significantly geared up its production capabilities to meet the rising demand from institutional clients.

The company manufactures a diverse range of RO plants for applications like drinking water, utilities, hospitality, healthcare, residential complexes, commercial complexes, and more. It also customizes RO plants based on specific capacity, water quality parameters, feed water TDS levels, and usage patterns.

Key features of Netsol Water commercial RO plants:

1- Automated operation

2- RO membrane technology

3- Double purification for consistent performance

4- Self-cleaning and self-flushing features 

5- Low power consumption

6- Auto tank filling shuts off

7- Easy filter replacement

8- Compatibility with water-softening systems

9- Strong after-sales service

2. Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers

Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers have robust commercial RO plants with high purification capacities. Their plants come integrated with high-rejection RO membranes and pre-treatment features for dealing with diverse feed water conditions.

Key features:

1- High pump pressure

2- Automatic operation

3- Double stage RO filtration

4- SS skid-mounted frames for durability

5- Auto flush and rinse cycles 

6- Low-pressure module protection

7- Panel PC and PLC-based control

8- Online remote monitoring

3. Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants specializes in automatic commercial RO plants with ranging capacities. Their plants come with corrosion-resistant construction and seamless automation for round-the-clock performance.

Key features:

1- Fully automatic backwash

2- Stainless steel pumps

3- Multi-grade filter configuration

4- High-pressure rating

5- Auto tank filling shut-off

6- Microcontroller panel controls

7- Remote connectivity provisions

4. Urban RO Plant

Urban RO Plant offers elegantly designed and technology-enabled commercial RO plants. Their solutions come with touchscreen HMI panels, making it very convenient to monitor all aspects in real time.

Key features: 

1- Centrifugal pumps made of SS 316

2- Multi-media & carbon filtration 

3- Double pass RO system

4- Online TDS monitoring

5- Auto pressure regulation

6- Automatic self-cleaning

7- Easy panel access for maintenance

8- Validated via simulation software

5. Commercial RO Plants

Commercial RO Plants provides automated commercial RO plants supported by remote monitoring software. Their solutions help institutional clients continuously track plant performance metrics on mobile dashboards.

Key features:

1- High-capacity pumps & motors

2- Multi-stage pre-treatment

3- PLC-SCADA based automation

4- Remote monitoring on mobile phones

5- Auto TDS control via VFD panel 

6- Auto backwash & descaling

7- 100% stainless steel design

8- Integrates with water softeners 

6. Aqua Treat Solutions

Aqua Treat Solutions offers compact commercial RO plants with varied capacities. Their solutions come integrated with high recovery RO membranes that can reliably handle 2000+ TDS feed water. 

Key features: 

1- Up to 99 percent purification

2- Double pass RO configuration

3- Auto backwash and rinsing 

4- Corrosion & scale prevention

5- Stainless steel induction motors

6- Automated valve operation

7- Auto tank filling shut off 

8- Validated via hydraulic simulation 

7. Osmos Water Tech

Osmos Water Tech provides fully automatic commercial RO plants for institutional clients of all scales and feed water quality conditions. Their plants minimize manual intervention through PLC-based automation.

Key features:

1- High-capacity stainless steel pumps 

2- Multi-level filtration 

3- Industrial-grade PLC systems

4- Automatic self-cleaning 

5- Auto pressure cut-off valves

6- Continuous TDS monitoring

7- Remote connectivity through GPRS

8- High uptime assurance 

8. Aqua Aura

Aqua Aura offers modular and customizable commercial RO plants backed by prompt after-sales support. Based on requirements and feed water conditions, additional pre-treatment equipment can be integrated with their solutions. 

Key features: 

1- Modular construction

2- Option for third pass RO

3- Multi-level filtration 

4- Corrosion-resistant SS 316 material 

5- Integrated water softening capabilities

6- PLC-based control panel 

7- Validation as per IS 10500:2012 standards

8- Annual maintenance contracts  

9. Aqua Treat Engineers

Aqua Treat Engineers provide sturdy commercial RO plants engineered specifically for the institutional sector. Their plants come with a duplex SS framework along with specialized pre-treatment equipment.

Key features: 

1- Full duplex SS 304 construction

2- Multi-media & activated carbon towers  

3- High-pressure SS pumps 

4- Double pass RO filtration 

5- Automatic periodic backwash

6- Auto pressure regulation

7- Panel PC integration for control 

8- Remote monitoring capability

10. Absolute Water Care

Absolute Water Care offers premium commercial RO plants with validations as per global governing standards. Their plants ensure smooth operations through automation and self-diagnostic capabilities. 

Key features: 

1- Validations as per IS & CE standards

2- High capacity SS pumps & motors

3- Multi-level pre-treatment 

4- Double pass RO filtration 

5- Microprocessor panel controls  

6- Auto shut off capability  

7- Prompt after-sales services & AMCs


The commercial RO plant segment has gained substantial traction in Ghaziabad owing to rising industrialization and urbanization trends. As evident from this article, Ghaziabad houses some of the most technologically advanced and innovation-driven commercial RO plant manufacturers in the country. Institutional clients can evaluate their offerings to choose plants that best meet their water treatment requirements and operational constraints. Going forward, Ghaziabad-based players will continue enhancing their solutions to help clients extract, recycle and reuse water sustainably amidst rising scarcity.

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