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Top 10 industrial RO Plant Manufacturers in Gurgaon

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<strong>Top 10 industrial RO Plant Manufacturers in Gurgaon</strong>

Gurgaon is now a prominent industrial and manufacturing centre in North India. The city accommodates a vast number of factories across various sectors, such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, chemicals, and electronics. However, the fast-paced industrialisation has put immense strain on the city’s water resources. The groundwater levels have declined significantly, and the available raw water is heavily contaminated with impurities such as heavy metals, chemicals and microorganisms.

This has necessitated the adoption of advanced water treatment technologies like reverse osmosis (RO) by industries in Gurgaon. An industrial RO plant utilises semi-permeable membranes to remove dissolved salts, suspended particles, colloids and microbes from raw water. The purified RO water meets the stringent quality requirements for usage in industrial processes, utilities like boilers/cooling towers, and the production of beverages, pharmaceuticals, etc. With over 1000 industrial units in areas like Udyog Vihar, Manesar and Sohna, the demand for efficient and reliable industrial RO plants is constantly on the rise in Gurgaon.

This blog provides an overview of the top 10 industrial RO plant manufacturers in Gurgaon involved in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of industrial RO plants in Gurgaon.

Need for Industrial RO Plants in Gurgaon

Some reasons that make RO water treatment indispensable for industries in Gurgaon:

Water Scarcity: Groundwater levels have dropped alarmingly due to over-extraction, putting severe strain on industrial water requirements. RO plants help maximise available water resources by treating and recycling wastewater streams.

Water Quality: High levels of total dissolved solids, heavy metals and microbiological impurities in raw water sources like borewells make it unfit for direct industrial use without advanced treatment like RO. 

Product Quality: For industries like pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, cosmetics etc. RO-treated water is essential to maintain consistent product quality by removing all impurities.

Process Efficiency: Using RO-purified water in utilities like boilers and cooling towers prevents scale formation, corrosion and fouling – leading to significant cost savings in terms of maintenance and efficiency. 

Regulatory Compliance: Environmental norms by CPCB, SPCBs and other regulatory bodies have stringent limits on pollutants in industrial wastewater discharges. RO plays a vital role in meeting these standards.

Environmental Sustainability: Many industries have adopted sustainable manufacturing practices like Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), which involves wastewater recycling and is enabled by advanced RO plants. 

Given the clear benefits of industrial water treatment, the demand for heavy-duty industrial-grade RO plants from reliable suppliers is rapidly increasing in Gurgaon.

Role of Netsol Water in Providing Industrial RO Plants

Netsol Water is widely regarded as the leading manufacturer of industrial RO plants in North India, including Gurgaon. Some key aspects of their products and services:

Extensive Experience: With over 20 years in industrial & commercial water treatment, Netsol Water has installed several RO plants across Gurgaon’s industrial areas like Udyog Vihar, Manesar etc.

Diverse Offerings: Netsol Water manufacture industrial RO plants with capacities ranging from 1 m3/hr to over 2000 m3/day using world-class components. This allows customised solutions for any industry.

Turnkey Solutions: Netsol Water provides complete end-to-end solutions including process & mechanical design, system fabrication, site integration, operator training & long-term AMC support.

Technical Expertise: The team of qualified engineers and technicians uses the latest technologies like ultrafiltration, UV disinfection and deionisation to deliver consistent output quality.

Water Audits: Netsol Water conducts detailed water mapping studies to identify potential areas for treatment, recycling and reuse – optimising overall water management.

Environmental Focus: Netsol Water specialises in advanced ZLD and eco-friendly treatment solutions complying with all regulations and sustainability goals.

Top 10 Industrial RO Plant Manufacturers in Gurgaon

Here’s a look at the top 10 industrial RO Plant Manufacturer in Gurgaon:

1. Netsol Water

Netsol Water is the leading industrial RO plant manufacturer in Gurgaon providing:

– Customized industrial RO plants

– Turnkey solutions covering design, engineering, AMC and service

– Specialization in ZLD and advanced treatment solutions

– Largest industrial RO installation base across Delhi-NCR

2. Ion Exchange

One of India’s industrial RO plant manufactures in the water treatment segment with:

– Diverse range of RO products and technologies

– Experience handling large industrial projects

– Limited focus on SME segment; Positioned as premium solution

3. Doshi Ion Exchange

A prominent Delhi-based EPC company providing:

– Industrial RO and ZLD systems, along with process utilities 

– Own technology for RO membranes and pressure vessels

– Able to handle large, complex industrial projects

4. Thermax Limited

An established provider of industrial utilities and environmental solutions:

– Offers pre-engineered standard and custom-built RO plants

– Specializes in RO-based ZLD and recycling plants

– Expertise in large power, refinery and metallurgical projects

5. VA Tech Wabag

A global manufacturer in industrial water treatment solutions:

– Extensive experience in RO/membrane separation technologies

– Advanced mobile water and ZLD treatment services

– Limited direct presence; Markets through channel partners

6. Aqua Fen RO Systems

A reputed supplier of RO plants based in Gurgaon region:

– Wide range of industrial RO models from 1 m3/hr to 100 m3/day

– Comprehensive annual maintenance and spare support

– Focused on small and mid-sized industrial clients

7. Hi-Tech RO Systems

A Gurgaon-based manufacturer specialising in RO plants for industries:

– Standard and customised RO models up to 50 m3/day capacity

– Known for energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions 

– Growing presence in industrial parks across NCR

8. Absolute Water Solutions

This Gujarat-based company offers industrial RO plants including:

– Packaged plug-n-play models with skid-mounted design

– RO+UV+Ozone based treatment for process water 

– Nascent presence in Gurgaon market; Expanding rapidly

9. Roapuren (India)

A professional RO engineering company providing solutions like:

– Mobile, rental and containerised RO plants

– RO pre-treatment components, membranes and spares

– Strong presence in automotive and pharmaceuticals sectors 

10. Pearl Water Treatment

Pearl is a water treatment contractor based out of Delhi-NCR area:

– Range of industrial RO systems from 2 m3/hr to 100 m3/day

– Also offer softeners, DM plants, intake water treatment 

– Growing customer base in MSME sector in Gurgaon


With water scarcity and strict environmental norms, industrial RO plants have become essential for diverse sectors in Gurgaon, such as automobiles, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemicals. Netsol Water has established itself as the most trusted provider of innovative, efficient and reliable industrial RO solutions in Gurgaon and entire Delhi-NCR region.

The unmatched expertise in designing and executing complete turnkey RO projects, coupled with strong technical capabilities, local service support, and a focus on sustainability, has allowed Netsol Water to maintain undisputed market leadership. As industries in Gurgaon adopt ZLD and ambitious recycling targets, Netsol Water is best positioned to support them with advanced water management solutions.

To explore customised commercial RO plants, Industrial RO plants, ETP or STP solutions for your needs in your areas and nearby regions, contact Netsol Water at:

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