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Top 10 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Manesar

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Top 10 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Manesar

Manesar has emerged as a major hub for automobile manufacturing and allied engineering industries. This rapid industrial development has led to an influx of workers and residential populations, exerting significant stress on the existing water and sewerage infrastructure in the region. To address the growing need for scientific sewage treatment and disposal systems, several prominent Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) manufacturers have established manufacturing facilities and operations in Manesar. These companies offer cutting-edge wastewater treatment technologies to help industries and municipalities treat and recycle sewage in an eco-friendly and cost-effective manner.

We enlist the top 10 Sewage Treatment Plant manufacturers revolutionising the wastewater treatment space in Manesar:

1. Netsol Water

Ranked as number 1 in the list of top 10 Sewage Treatment Plant manufacturers in Manesar, Netsol Water is an Indian multinational company pioneering advanced wastewater treatment solutions. With over 2 decades of domain expertise and an install base of several treatment plants worldwide, Netsol Water is a frontrunner in modular and centralised STP systems. The Netsol Water’s Manesar facility is a state-of-the-art manufacturing hub producing pre-engineered wastewater treatment components along with complete plug-and-play sewage treatment plants. Netsol Water offers compact SBR, MBR and MBBR-based STPs with tertiary treatment for residential societies, townships and commercial establishments.

For industrial clients, Netsol Water provides customised STP solutions designed to treat high biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) sewage from sectors like paper & pulp, distilleries, food processing, etc. The proven treatment approaches ensure effluent parameters conform to the latest CPCB/HPCB discharge norms.

2. VA Tech Wabag

This global water technology is known for its prowess in engineering and constructing large-scale wastewater treatment projects across the Middle East and India. WABAG’s expansive Manesar facility manufactures process equipment, tanks, pumps and ancillaries for Sewage Treatment Plants up to 100 MLD capacity.  WABAG has delivered several STP projects for smart cities, municipal corporations, and residential clusters in the NCR region using its advanced technology. Thus making it to the list of Top 10 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Manesar

3. Thermax Limited 

Headquartered in Pune, Thermax is a leading energy and environmental solutions provider in India. Their Sewage Treatment business vertical designs and manufactures compact STPs based on sequential batch reactor (SBR), moving bed bio-reactor (MBBR) and membrane bioreactor (MBR) configurations. Thermax’s STP manufacturing facility in Manesar caters to the growing demand for decentralised sewage treatment solutions from housing societies, malls, institutions and industries across NCR. It produces pre-engineered STP modules with PLC-based automation ranging from 25 KLD to 3 MLD capacity.

4. Suez Water Technologies & Solutions

As a multinational corporation specializing in water and waste recycling, Suez has robust expertise in municipal and industrial sewage treatment. Their Manesar manufacturing unit focuses on packaged sewage treatment systems for residential and commercial projects. Suez leverages advanced submerged aerobic membrane bioreactor (saMBR) and sequencing batch reactor (SBR) technologies to offer compact, low-footprint STPs with superior treatment efficiency. Several high-profile real estate projects in Gurugram and Manesar have implemented Suez’s sewage treatment solutions.

5. Ion Exchange

This Indian multi-product company has a separate Environment Management Division specialising in industrial and municipal water treatment solutions including Sewage Treatment Plants. Ion Exchange’s manufacturing facility in Manesar caters to the demand for pre-engineered packaged STPs from housing societies, commercial establishments and industrial units. Their product portfolio includes FMBR (Fluidized Media Bio-Reactor) and MMBR (Moving Media Bio-Reactor) based STPs incorporating tertiary treatment modules like ultra-filtration. Ion Exchange also supplies STP components like aeration systems, lamella clarifiers and sludge handling equipment.

6. Trixon

Established in 1993, Trixon is one of the most experienced players in the water and wastewater treatment space. Their Manesar manufacturing facility produces skid mounted, packaged and containerized Sewage Treatment Plants across a wide range of capacities from 10 KLD to 5 MLD. Trixon has set up several residential and industrial STPs in areas like Gurgaon, Manesar and New Delhi based on aerobic, anaerobic and sequential batch reactor technologies. Their STPs incorporate sludge management systems, tertiary filtration and stringent quality assurance protocols.

7. Enviropol Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Based in New Delhi, Enviropol is a trusted name providing wastewater treatment systems for sewage, industrial effluents and water recycling. Their Manesar plant manufactures customized STPs for residential complexes, commercial buildings and light industrial units utilizing SBR, Extended Aeration and MBBR technologies. With over 25 years of experience, Enviropol leverages robust engineering capabilities to design compact STPs with optimal footprint and lowest operating costs for customers across Delhi-NCR.

8. Triveni Engineering & Industries

Triveni Group is a renowned industrial conglomerate with a dedicated Water and Wastewater Treatment business unit. Their manufacturing facility located in Manesar produces advanced SBR, MBR and MBBR-based sewage treatment systems along with sludge handling equipment. Triveni has commissioned several STP installations for group housing societies, IT parks and industrial townships in the NCR region. Their sewage treatment systems employ high-efficiency aeration, process instrumentation and automation for optimal performance.

9. Wilo Mather and Platt Pumps

As a leading manufacturer of pumps and solutions for water management, Wilo is a renowned name assisting in the development of sewer infrastructure. From their facility in Manesar, Wilo produces pumps, lifting stations and integrated pump systems purpose-built for sewage treatment applications. Wilo’s product lineup includes sewage pumps, screening equipment and aeration systems that form integral components of STP installations by various technology providers and EPC contractors in Manesar.

10. Genesis Water Systems

Rounding off the list of Top 10 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Manesar, Genesis is an emerging solution provider for packaged sewage treatment plants targeting builders, developers and residential societies in NCR. Their Manesar manufacturing unit assembles pre-engineered, plug-and-play STP modules using SBR, MBBR and MBR technologies. These compact sewage treatment solutions from Genesis find applications in housing complexes, commercial spaces and small-scale industrial projects across Delhi-NCR.


Rapid urbanisation and industrialisation in Manesar have resulted in a crucial need for efficient sewage treatment and wastewater recycling. To meet this demand, both local and international companies, as listed above in the Top 10 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Manesar, such as Netsol Water, have established strong manufacturing capabilities in the area, providing high-quality sewage treatment plants (STPs). These STP manufacturers offer best-in-class treatment modules, compact designs, and smart automation features for both decentralised and centralised wastewater treatment solutions. By doing so, they are preserving the environment and promoting sustainable water circularity in the water-stressed region of Delhi-NCR.

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