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Top 5 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

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Top 5 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

As one of India’s most rapidly urbanizing cities, Ghaziabad generates massive volumes of sewage that require proper treatment before discharge/reuse. With many residential complexes, commercial buildings and industrial units coming up across the city, having decentralized sewage treatment plants (STPs) in place is imperative. We look at the top 5 sewage treatment plant manufacturers in Ghaziabad for residents and businesses.

Top 5 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

1- Netsol Water

Ranked at the top position is Netsol Water, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Greater Noida, and a supplier in Ghaziabad itself. With over 500 installations across NCR towns, Netsol Water is a leading decentralized sewage treatment specialist focusing on compact, modular STP equipment.

  • Capacity Range: 1 KLD to 100 MLD plants
  • Technologies: MBBR, MBR, SBR, Tertiary Treatment, Disinfection
  • High-treated sewage quality, 100% compliant with PCB norms
  • Minimum land footprint, easy to install and operate
  • Advanced remote monitoring, automation & control

Netsol Water caters to Ghaziabad’s residential apartments, hotels, malls, hospitals, schools, and industries. For customers needing a plug-and-play experience, Netsol Water provides skid-mounted STPs installed in shipping containers. Their prompt after-sales service and process optimization assistance has helped Netsol Water emerge as Ghaziabad’s #1 STP manufacturer.

2- Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers

In second place are Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers, specialists in compact containerized sewage treatment plants using advanced Ultra Filtration Membrane Bio-Reactor (UF-MBR) technology. Established locally in 2018, Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers has supplied over 300 modular STP plants with capacities varying from 5 KLD to 500 KLD.

  • UF-MBR-based prefabricated treatment plants
  • High-treated sewage quality, disinfected & ready for reuse
  • Fully automated operation with remote monitoring
  • Minimizes land & civil work requirements
  • Expert after-sales support for the entire plant lifecycle

Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers cater extensively to the real estate segment, having installed UF-MBR-based STPs at premium residential projects. Their systems treat sewage to tertiary levels while occupying very little space.

3- Sewage Treatment Plants

Ranked third is Sewage Treatment Plants, a manufacturer of conventional activated sludge process (ASP)-based sewage treatment plants since 2018. With in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capability, Sewage Treatment Plants offer end-to-end solutions from concept to commissioning of STP projects up to 10 MLD capacity.

  • Activated Sludge Process technology expertise
  • Capacity Range: 50 KLD to 10 MLD STPs
  • In-house multi-disciplinary design & engineering team
  • Manufactures all mechanical/electrical components
  • Services to the municipal and industrial sectors across India

Sewage Treatment Plants provide complete STP solutions for neighborhoods and large communities. Sewage Treatment Plants delivers the complete end-to-end plant infrastructure for clients looking for conventional technology-based treatment plants.

4- Urban STP Plant

Urban STP Plant, established in 2018, is ranked fourth. They specialize in compact, high-rate MBBR technology-based sewage treatment plants catering to commercial establishments like malls, hotels and corporate offices.

  • Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor technology
  • Compact carbon footprint
  • Capacities from 50 KLD to 1000 KLD
  • Tertiary treatment for water reuse
  • Value engineered cost-effective solutions

Urban STP Plant leverages the MBBR process through unique designs, providing advanced treatment in a smaller footprint. For sites constrained by space or needing water reuse, the Urban STP Plant deploys MBBR technology to deliver maximum efficiency.

5- Ascent-Water-Technology
And ranked fifth is Ascent Water Technology, a relatively newer entrant established in 2016 but rapidly gaining traction. With German technology partnerships, Ascent offers revolutionary containerisedsolar-powered STPs optimised for green and sustainable operations.

  • Containerized, solar-driven STP solutions
  • Capacities from 5 KLD onwards
  • Advanced MBBR/MBR/SBR process configurations
  • Solar-powered, battery backup for uninterrupted operations
  • Remote performance monitoring with cloud connectivity

With solar panels directly mounted on shipping containers, Ascent draws from renewable energy to minimise carbon emissions associated with sewage treatment. Their solutions thus help customers achieve green building certification quickly. While relatively new, Ascent’s innovative value proposition has resonated soundly in Ghaziabad real estate projects.


Ghaziabad residents have begun to realize that access to proper sewage treatment infrastructure is a fundamental civic necessity today. The top 5 sewage treatment plant manufacturers in Ghaziabad, like Netsol Water, Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers, Sewage Treatment Plants, Urban STP Plant and Ascent offer compelling technologies, capacities and features catering to varied customer requirements across residential, commercial and industrial sectors. With their specialized domain expertise, these leading Ghaziabad-based STP manufacturers enable the city to build sustainable sewage treatment infrastructure for the future.

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