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Top 5 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Gurugram

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Top 5 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Gurugram

Gurugram, with its booming IT, financial, and manufacturing sectors, requires significant wastewater treatment capacities to sustain its growth momentum. With sewage generation estimated to cross 550 MLD by 2031, regular capacity augmentation of sewage treatment plants (STPs) is crucial. Along with municipal corporations, who are the primary owners of large STPs, the role of reputed STP manufacturers and technology providers is equally critical in aiding the timely establishment of water-secure and zero-liquid discharge capacity in Gurugram. The top 5 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Gurugram undertake process design, equipment supply, plant construction, and comprehensive O&M services for diverse public infrastructure and private real estate projects.

Top 5 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Gurugram

1. Netsol Water:

A homegrown developer of wastewater recycling systems for the past 12 years, Netsol Water is a preferred STP partner for large township projects by realty majors. It also caters to leading PSU companies across multiple states through cost-effective decentralized STPs.

Key Differentiators:

  • Plug-and-Play containerized STP solutions from 5 KLD to 1000 KLD capacities
  • Compact systems with small footprints using MBBR, MBR, and IFAS technologies
  • Tertiary treatment modules for water reuse applications
  • Operator business model for performance-linked managed O&M services
  • Single point system integration capability for modular STPs

Netsol Water’s track record of prompt delivery using advanced treatment processes makes it a noteworthy STP palnts manufacturer meeting Gurugram’s growing decentralized treatment requirements.

2. Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers:

A leading global player in water treatment for over 5 years across 25 countries, Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers has extensive references in building and upgrading Gurugram’s STPs over the past 5 years. It has executed India’s largest wastewater treatment plants based on technologies like sequential batch reactors (SBR) and moving bed bioreactors (MBBR), which can treat huge volumes economically through compact processes.

Key Credentials:

  • Advanced mechanized systems; High level of automation
  • In-house design, manufacturing, construction, and O&M capabilities

3. Sewage Treatment Plants:

A diversified technology, engineering, construction, and manufacturing conglomerate, Sewage Treatment Plants is associated with some of Gurugram’s earliest STPs. Sewage Treatment Plant’s Water Technology business offers complete STP engineering and project implementation solutions, including tertiary treatment technologies.

Offerings Profile:

  • Design-build municipal & industrial effluent treatment plants of all capacities
  • Undertakes rehabilitation & augmentation of existing STPs
  • In-house fabrication facility for treatment equipment and modules
  • Process technologies like Extended Aeration, SBR, and MBBR, along with Ultrafiltration
  • Value-added services like automation & instrumentation solutions

With decades of infrastructure development experience and advanced in-house engineering talent, L&T continues to play a vital role in strengthening Gurugram’s wastewater treatment infrastructure.

4. Urban STP Plant
Specializing exclusively in offsite prefabricated containerized STPs since 2018, Urban STP Plant has developed customized solutions using processes like SBR, MBBR, MBR, and IFAS, along with advanced oxidation and membranes.

Value Proposition:

  • Fully mobile STP solutions built inside all-weather steel containers
  • Treatment plants from 5 KLD to 1000 KLD capacities
  • Minimum footprints; quick to install and commission
  • Advanced PLC-based automation; Remote web-based monitoring
  • Rental/OPEX models offered along with CAPEX purchase

Ecolaire’s techno-commercial flexibility allows it to provide decentralized sewage treatment systems to hotels, apartment complexes, and institutional campuses, even in space-starved urban locations.

5. Compact STP Plant
Incorporated in 2013, Compact STP Plant offers completely packaged, ready-to-use STP solutions using innovative filtration systems imported from the USA that deliver superior treated water quality.

Key Credentials:

  • Containerized systems from 5 KLD onwards up to 500 KLD capacity
  • Extremely compact; Fibreglass & Stainless steel construction
  • MBBR ensures the removal of solids, organics, and nutrients
  • Plug-n-play simplicity requiring no civil foundation works
  • Preferred by premium hotels, villa projects across Gurugram

By eliminating conventional clarifiers and leveraging advanced MBBR biofilm process, AQUA Equipment has introduced refreshing STP innovation which enhances customer convenience and system sustainability.

The emergence of Distributed Smaller containerized STPs Gurugram’s Master Sewerage Plan envisages multiple decentralized STPs closer to load centres than reliance on a few high-capacity STPs. Compact plug-and-play containerised packaged treatment plants are fast emerging as the preferred choice. Key aspects accelerating the adoption of offsite prefab containerised STPs:

  • Flexible capacities from 20 KLD onwards based on community sizes
  • Manufactured under controlled settings; rapid onsite installation
  • Savings on major civil work and construction time
  • Easy integration of advanced automation
  • Can be scaled up by adding more container modules if needed
  • Simplified Operation and Maintenance

Leading STP plant majors like Netsol Water have indigenously developed containerized solutions to speed up project durations.

Strategic Shift towards Sewage Recycling and Reuse Gurugram aspires to close the water loop by extensively recycling and reusing treated sewage. This calls for the deployment of compact, decentralized STPs with tertiary treatment. Target applications driving reuse include:

  • Cooling tower feed and process applications in individual office buildings
  • Flushing and gardening consumption for residential premises
  • Substitute freshwater abstraction from the ground for non-potable usage
  • Creation of beneficial use infrastructure through treated effluent conveyance networks and storage reservoirs for supplying various reuse applications

Implementing total recycling mandates using disinfection technologies like Ultra Filtration, Ultra Violet, and Chlorine dosing systems. Hence, STP majors now commonly integrate tertiary treatment modules within the overall system design from the initial stages.

Technologies Galore for Cost-Effective Treatment Processes Conventional processes have reduced relevance, while global technologies like SBR, MBBR, IFAS, and Membrane BioReactor provide compact, efficient treatment abilities with lower operating costs:

  • Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR): Time-based biological treatment involving multiple fill & draw cycles enables a drastic reduction in plant footprint and efficient treatment
  • Membrane Bioreactor (MBR): Combines activated sludge process treatment with membrane filtration, ensuring consistent superior output quality
  • Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR): employs bio-film coated carrier elements submerged in aeration basin, accelerating biochemical reactions. Extremely compact.
  • Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge (IFAS): Blends suspended growth system (activated sludge) and attached growth system (biofilm) to get the best of both, along with a small footprint

The above technologies allow customized combinations for different STP capacity needs and available space – for example, an SBR or MBBR system integrated with tertiary UltraFiltration.

Remote Monitoring and Smart STP Solutions Come of Age With extensive digitalization initiatives underway, Internet of Things (IoT) and automation technologies are now extensively integrated into modern STPs for real-time performance monitoring and predictive analytics:

  • SCADA software, sensors and digital output instruments showing 15-20 parameter readings
  • Continuous gathering and Cloud storage of data
  • Dashboards displaying daily reports and trends
  • Remote notifications of equipment malfunction or process deviations
  • Enables preventive maintenance and timely interventions
  • Eventually, machine learning algorithms provide diagnostics and prescriptive recommendations to optimise STP health and output quality

New Business Models Increase Affordability for Clients Along with the traditional capital purchase of STPs, clients can now choose leasing/rental options without a huge initial outlay. Ownership gets transferred after the rental period.


With increasing environmental consciousness, water security has become a top priority for a world-class city like Gurugram. The city boasts a vibrant community of globally proven and fast-growing sewage treatment plant manufacturers who offer cutting-edge solutions catering to large infrastructure projects and decentralized small facilities. As sustainability considerations gain more prominence, plug-and-play containerized plants, extensive recycling and reuse of treated effluent, real-time performance monitoring and innovative business models are expected to drive STP deployment in the future. With strong technical expertise and execution capabilities, The top 5 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Gurugram, like Netsol Water, are gearing up to meet the city’s ambitious goal of 100% sewage treatment and zero liquid discharge over the next decade through efficient, technology-driven, customer-focused treatment infrastructure.

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